Who wants to party like a rock star?

By Chris Nielsen
February 8, 2001

by: Chris Nielsen

Last Friday night, our lovely little Cabrini College was visited by a rock star named Evil Jared from The Bloodhound Gang. He made an appearance on WYBF and used the opportunity to try to meet some college girls and get a big party going. “I am a rock star, and I am Evil. Let’s get it on!” must have gone through his bleached blonde head.

Sadly, I think our evil rock star friend may have been a little bit disappointed. When he and his friends came back to the residence halls, there was no harem of excited groupies. There were no kegs. There were no drugs stronger than aspirin, and the music was kept at a moderate level. So, like many other children raised on the World Wrestling Federation, he decided on a sure-fire way to get the party going.

“Who wants to wrestle Evil Jared?”

I mulled over this offer, and decided that his beer muscles were in fact larger than my own. No one really wanted to be evil. My friend Crazy Mike offered to be crazy, but even he wouldn’t wrestle the rock star.

So, after a while, Evil finally chilled and we had a brief strange conversation about wrestling in Moscow. Hey, if he wants to be the international belt holder, that’s cool with me.

The reason I bring up this foggy memory up is to point out just how well behaved a campus we have become. With not but a few rare exceptions, we are a responsible group of young adults. Bordering on docile, even.

I’ve pretty much lost touch with what goes on around the campus as far as partying goes. As an apartment resident and 21-year-old, I rarely have the urge to go down to the houses. They are a long walk away and it’s cold out. So most of the “big” parties that happen I only hear about through the RA’s.

On the rare occasions that I do get to hang out with freshmen, I find myself sounding like an old coot. “When I was a freshman, we used to carry cases of beer with us all around campus. We’d go in and out of every house and apartment, break a few windows and sneak into Woodcrest at the end of the night. I tell ya, sonny, those were the days.”

I’m just feeling out of touch, I guess. I’m sure that everyone who wants to party finds a way to do it, but I don’t know when or where. I know that Residence Life is doing something to punish the residents of Xavier Hall for Thursday nights, so that’s a good sign. It lets you know that at least a few students are up to no good.

The only problem I ever saw with the way things used to be around here was that there would always be one or two students on a weekend who associated partying with breaking someone else’s property (occasionally including someone’s face). But for the most part, the underclassmen population of the college would just stagger their way around campus, call it a night and do it again next week. No harm done.

I’m not necessarily extending an open invitation to crash at my apartment, but I wouldn’t mind if you’d stop by. This place looks like it has no pulse on the weekends. Maybe it’s just the winter doldrums.

Just take my word on this: We used to be the terrors of Radnor. We had some crazy times here and I hope they we will again. Anyone want to wrestle?

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Chris Nielsen

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