Who keeps sending Anthrax through the mail?

By Gina Roswell
November 15, 2001

Although officials are unsure if the anthrax-containing letters originated from home or abroad, many factors indicate that either possibility is surely an option. Officials also think these letters may be connected with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The secretary-general of the international police agency, Interpol, Ronald K. Noble, in an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer on Oct. 30, said, “They [the people connected with the anthrax-containing letters] wanted to be associated with that [the terrorist attacks]; they have the same goals.”

According to Dr. James Hedtke, chairman of the history and political science departments, “Bin Laden likes to kill in bunches; anthrax only kills small groups of people.”

This is not the only indicator that the anthrax letters originated in the United States. Another of the main indicators is that the dates heading the letters were written in American style: 09-11-01, with the month first, followed by the day and then the year.

Hedtke also noted that white supremacy groups have previously stated that they would use anthrax against the government and media, should they have the opportunity. Officials are aware that anthrax has previously been accessible to these groups.

There is an opposite side to this, however. According to Hedtke, the use of benzonite to harden the anthrax spores indicates that the Iraqis could have a connection with these letters, as they have been previously known to use benzonite.

Officials are also aware that one of the individuals involved in the hijacking met with an Iraqi agent just before the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. It is possible that an exchange of anthrax could have taken place between the two men.

Another theory concerning the origin of these letters is whether or not the culprits could have been foreigners who were trained in the United States, as were the hijackers who earned their pilots licenses in the United States.

Vice President Dick Cheney, along with other administration officials, have declared the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, a group which works with other Islamic extremist groups to overthrow any regime that is deemed to be “non-Islamic,” a possible suspect, but all options are being left open to definitively find the culprits.

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Gina Roswell

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