Who are the Blue Knights?

By Staff Writer
September 30, 2004

Student Activities

Dressed in blue jumpsuits and masks, many students have witnessed sightings of the mysterious Blue Knights roaming around the campus. The questions in most students’ minds are: What is their mission? Who are they? How were the students selected? Why was this group started? Students have heard about this new group, yet they are unclear of what the group is supposed to represent.

Their mission is to promote school spirit on the campus and maintain a high morale level. They will be seen promoting spirit at Cavalier sporting events, activities, special events and general college programs.

So, why was this group started? Some of the ideas were based on past college experiences of Jason Bozzone, director of Student Activities, and Amy Hecht, assistant director of Student Activities. Hecht said, “We had secret societies, which promoted school spirit and raised morale in our colleges. So, Jason and I thought we would incorporate similar traditions at Cabrini.” The idea of the Blue Knights was suggested to the senior class president, Rich DeMatteo. Bozzone said, “He felt like he wanted his class to leave its legacy, which would initiate a new tradition on campus.” Bozzone, Hecht and DeMatteo are the only three people on campus who know the identities of the members of this secret Blue Knights society.

The Blue Knights consist of six individuals: two sophomores, two juniors and two seniors. However, their identities have been sworn to secrecy. All six individuals were selected based on their general knowledge and value of the college’s Core Values: along with a passion to spread school spirit. They have promised to take any action needed to spread school spirit. New members will be selected by the current Blue Knights to replace that year’s graduating seniors. Although the members work as a group, according to Bozzone, each offers different characteristics and abilities, which make the group so unique.

For those who are wondering if the individuals who are the Blue Knights receive special benefits, Bozzone said they are not receiving any money or benefits. This is solely a volunteer position, and the reward they hope to receive is creating a more spirited community. “I think this tells you what type of students these Blue Knights are. They’re dedicated students who want to leave their legacy behind. They can shed a new positive light, and they can provide a more proactive college community,” Bozzone said.

The Blue Knights have already won the support and heart of President Iadarola. “I am aware that many campuses have groups like our Blue Knights. These are students committed to enhancing college spirit, to helping members of the college community, students, faculty, staff, and administrators, feel good about who they are and what they do. We live in a troubled world today and we all live busy lives. The Blue Knights remind us to take time and ‘smell the roses’ and even laugh at ourselves. Bravo Blue Knights!” Iadarola said.

The Blue Knights can be found anywhere on campus and at events. They have already been sighted around campus. They’ve been seen at Move-In-Day, special events, sporting events, in residence halls, at SGA Meetings, senate meetings, Dean for Academic Affairs Office and they have even paid a visit to the President’s office.

Keep an eye out for the Blue Knights throughout the year. You never know who could be a Blue Knight. Your friend, roommate or a fellow classmate may be a Blue Knight. Only at the end of their service will the Blue Knight’s identities be revealed. After they have fulfilled their duties, they will unveil their identities to the entire campus.

If there are any questions or request for the Blue Knights email them at blueknights@cabrini.edu. You may also contact Jason Bozzone and Amy Hecht, and they will forward any requests to the Blue Knights.

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