Where will you be in 10 years?

By Domenique Pinho
October 21, 2005

Most remember the most famous question asked of them as children: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Anxious to answer, the child blurts out, “An astronaut…A fireman.A movie star!” Eventually, one day, all children come to the awful realization around the age of 15, that their hopes of becoming a movie star are doubtful, very doubtful. Students at Cabrini College were asked a series of questions, which in other words ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Jessica Saggese, a sophomore elementary/special education major, said, “In 10 years I see myself as happy as I am now. I hopefully will be happily married and be a teacher for special ed children.” Saggese said, “I would like to stay in Philly because that’s where my family is and I would like to stay close to them.”

It seems as if the saying “Home is where the heart is.” is a trend at Cabrini. Liliana Cepa, a junior business management major, said, “New Jersey’s where it’s at! I’ll always be a Jersey girl!”

According to the 2000 Census, both New Jersey and Pennsylvania had an average of two children per family. Tyler Sandford, a junior political science major, was asked if he wanted children in the future and he said, “Yes, four kids, because it is a nice even number.” Sandford also said, “I haven’t really put much thought into what I want to live in the future, but somewhere near the ocean or near a ski resort.”

Just as students have dreams now, current teachers at Cabrini had similar ambitions when they graduated college. Dr. James Hedtke, chair person for history and political science, said, “I always wanted to be a college professor; I worked to be a college professor from 1973 and on.” Hedke went on to say, “Until they take me out feet first, I’m here.”

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Domenique Pinho

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