Where have all the study lounges gone?

By Chris Campellone
September 27, 2007

Cabrini has achieved a lot of progress in the past few years and because of that progress they have begun to admit more students each year. But does Cabrini really have room for all of these students to live on campus?

Well if they don’t have room, they’ll make room. That seemed to be their mentality when the Rooymans center was converted into Rooymans Hall and East Residence Hall, West Residence Hall and the Cabrini Apartment Complex were created.

But Cabrini couldn’t stop there. They needed even more room to meet the living demands of the freshman crop. That’s where they got creative.

I sit in my room and realize that there’s just something about it that doesn’t seem like it was meant to be a bedroom. The reason I feel this way is because the room I live in used to be the study lounge for Dixon House.

Now some may say that I should be happy to have such a large room and believe me, I really am grateful. However, I can’t help but feel guilty for those on the floor looking for some place to study that is calm and quiet.

Well, my room was originally intended to be a study lounge. It should not even be an option to convert lounges into rooms.

What about the library? People can go there to study right? Holy Spirit Library is open until 1 a.m. Monday through Thursday as well as Sunday. However, the library closes its doors at 8 p.m. on Friday and 4 p.m. on Saturday.

The absence of lounges and the limited hours of the library keep us from being able to study in to the late hours of the night.

East Residence Hall, Xavier Hall, Maguire House and Infante House are all equipped with study lounges, but what about Woodcrest Hall, Rooymans Hall and Dixon House? Are all undergraduate residents not created equal?

Cabrini has begun to address this problem in their five-year strategic plan, but what about the students on campus now? It seems to me that Cabrini is willing to make sacrifices in order to get more tuition. So what if a handful of students have nowhere to study at night. There are always more students to admit–more students to disappoint.

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Chris Campellone

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