Where are the core values at Cabrini?

By Staff Writer
February 3, 2005

With the decision not to renew John Dzik’s coaching contract, the administration needs to seriously take a look at its core values it teaches its students. The administration is guilty of failing to live by not just one but all the core values that Cabrini College teaches.

RESPECT– “Respect calls for care and compassion in regard to: diversity, our environment, social justice and civility in resolving conflict.”

Dzik has stated that he has not received a valid reason for his dismissal as coach of the men’s basketball team. Although it is not necessary on the part of the college to provide a reason, one would think the value of respect would demand some kind of closure for Dzik.

VISION– “Vision calls for: a spiritually-based outlook when seeking solutions courage and a pro-active stewardship of all present and future resources.”

By failing to give a reason for their decision not to renew Dzik’s coaching contract, the administration makes itself questionable in regards to taking serious thought into their announcement. Alumni have voiced their opinions saying they cannot envision Cabrini without Dzik.

COMMUNITY– “Community calls for: common mission, ethical responsibility, a sense of belonging, dialogue in decision making, enthusiasm for the enterprise and participation in the celebration of our values and traditions.”

This value is hit the hardest by the administration’s choice not to bring back Dzik for another year. Dzik is more than a basketball coach, he a central figure in Cabrini’s community. He is a noticeable standout for alumni events and has molded student-athletes his entire 25 year career with Cabrini.

DEDICATION TO EXCELLENCE– “Dedication to Excellence calls for: positive attitude, commitment to lifelong learning, personal and professional growth, pride in accomplishment and fulfillment of common goals.”

The key with this core value is the knowledge that Dzik has been a longtime employee with Cabrini and has seen student-athletes of his grow both personally and professionally. For Dzik to not be an active participant in future lives of Cabrini students will be an aspect surely missed.

To think the career of a dedicated coach and Cabrini supporter can be so abruptly ended is both astonishing and disappointing for Cabrini’s students and alumni. The administration most specifically President Toni Iadarola, Vice-President of Student Development Christine Lysionek and Vice-President for Institutional Advancement Robin Moll need to reevaluate the core values of Cabrini.

They must either begin to live by the values they expect to be taught at Cabrini or openly change them to suit their own needs. Closure must be given for Dzik and the community and the administration must provide it. As it stands they are spitting on each and every one of our core values.

Posted to the web by Shawn Rice

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Staff Writer

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