When it comes to footwear for men, they are what they wear

By Diana Vilares
September 15, 2006

Shane Evans

Despite their different taste in clothes, music and girls, guys everywhere can all agree that when it comes to their shoes, comfort is their main prerogative.

It would be wrong to assume that all basketball players prefer a pair of Nikes on their feet, or that Armani flats are only worn by top executives, however, the price a guy is willing to pay for his footwear depends heavily on their day to day activity. “It depends on the individual’s style,” said Kieran Coia, manager of Journey’s at the Willow Grove Mall. “A skater kid isn’t going to buy a shoe that someone at Bloomingdales would buy.”

While comfort is essential, the price some pay for it isn’t, “Someone might think a $99 dollar shoe is worth buying just for the brand’s name,” said Coia. Journey carries a diverse selection of footwear to match its customer’s wants and needs, everything from Diesel to Adidas and Vans to Puma.

A pair of stylish Diesel “Almaty” shoes start at $99.99, while Payless ShoeSource offers the “Replay” Sport Oxford, a Diesel “knock- off” for a much more affordable price of $24.99. Van’s ever so popular Slip On’s go for a little over $40 dollars, and Payless’ Airwalk’s slip-on sneakers are only $19.99.

It’s obvious that not all guys opt for a trip into Payless when they have the opportunity to check out the hottest new sneaker at Footlocker, nor should they. Sometimes it is best to pay the extra bucks for the quality of the shoe. Nike’s Shox, for example have proven that they’re worth every penny due to its patent design that makes it easier on the knees when walking or running, and no one can put a price on health.

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Diana Vilares

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