When caf food just isn’t enough

By Caitlin Langley
February 5, 2004

“Do you have enough food, in case you get snowed in?” my mother asks. “No mom, I don’t but maybe, if I’m lucky I can sneak it past Ting.” “Who’s Ting, sweetheart?”

Have you ever had this kind of conversation with your mother when sitting in your dorm room the night before a big snowstorm? I know that I have many times. So this time I was going to be prepared, I went grocery shopping with my roommate. But as I was shopping it started to snow and I thought ‘Oh no!! I’m going to have to drive in the snow! I hate driving in the snow.’ Then I had a thought, ‘maybe there should be a grocery store on campus.’ In case you forgot to follow your mom’s directions and go to WaWa and get milk and bread, you can just go to your local campus grocery store and get what you need. Another convenience would be is if you ran out of something, and you needed it for a project or for your personal health, you could just walk over and get it. Whatever the weather, whatever the transportation situation, you could just walk over to the grocery store.

What if you are one of those people who don’t have a car, or if you are a freshman and can’t have a car, you could just walk to the nearest food market, right on campus. True, we do have the caf, but, let’s be real, Ting won’t let you just walk in and bring something to your friend let alone bring something back to your dorm in case you are snowed in.

We have the bookstore and it does carry a lot of school supplies but sometimes they don’t have exactly what you need and then you have to wait because you have to special order it and that takes a long time.

If we had a grocery store on campus we could get exactly what we need and not have to wait. Like if you need those labels for the portfolio for that one professor, because you know if you don’t have the right thing, you fail his course. Or if you’re sick and you need medicine but you know if you drive to go get the medicine you will either fall asleep at the wheel, or that one eye that won’t quite open all the way will impair your driving somehow.

What if you are from a different state and so is your roommate and you are afraid if you do venture out, you might get lost and be even worse off then you started? It just seems that an on-campus grocery store would be good for all of us. And maybe we could name it the Wigwam.

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Caitlin Langley

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