When the Eagles fly, fans flock here

By Kelly Kane
February 13, 2023

Fans celebrate the Eagles playing in the NFC Championship at Xfinity Live. Photo by Kelly Kane.
Fans celebrate the Eagles playing in the NFC Championship at Xfinity Live. Photo by Kelly Kane.

Philadelphia is well known for its sports fans. However, well-known may not always be well-liked. Known for being obnoxious, throwing beer cans, burning jerseys, and starting trouble with opposing teams, Philly fans know no one likes them, and as Eagles center Jason Kelce once sang, they really do not care.

The most important thing Philly fans know how to do and do well is celebrate a big win. These celebrations all start the morning of the big game. Eagles tailgates can either be the most exhilarating place to be or the scariest; it all depends on which team you’re rooting for. 

On Jan. 29, the Eagles clinched their spot in the Super Bowl, but even before that could happen, fans flooded the stadium’s surrounding parking lots. If Eagles fans have one thing in common, it’s loyalty. They come from all over the tri-state area and beyond to crack open a cold one at the crack of dawn any day the Birds play. 

Loyal fans

Kyle Robinson, a paratrooper for the U.S. Army, stationed in North Carolina, came to show support for his team.“I felt the electricity from eight hours away. I said, ‘Big Sarge, this is where I need to be.” 

Xfinity is known as the fourth stadium. Photo by Kelly Kane.

Robinson returned home for the weekend just to be at the tailgate; he was not even going into the game. 

Everyone was there to have a good time and that’s exactly what they did. For Eagles fans, a good time means drinking in the lots and harassing opposing fans as they walk by. It also means chanting go birds at every passing person. 

Even without a ticket, there were still a whole lot of ways Eagles fans celebrated. Xfinity Live, a huge sports bar located between all three of Philadelphia’s sports arenas, was the next best place to be. 

Lauren Okomski, a season ticketholder from Cinnaminson, New Jersey, sold her tickets for this game.

“It means the world to me; it was truly a dream come true. This game, we sold them [the tickets] and it paid for our next year’s season tickets.” 

Okomski watched the game at Xfinity Live with her friends, as did many other Eagles fans. Even some 49er loyalists found their way into enemy territory. 

The fourth stadium

Xfinity is known as “the fourth stadium” when any of Philly’s sports teams have an away game. On this day, crowds of Eagles fans lined up around the bar just trying to get a spot inside. 

Eagles fans watch as the birds clench their spot in the Super Bowl. Photo by Kelly Kane.

There is more to do than just watch an Eagles or Philly sports game there. It is home to over four different bars where you can ride the bull, sing karaoke, have a silent disco dance party, and jam out to live bands or DJs. Xfinity is known as the fourth stadium for a reason.

Michael Matwiejczyk of Philadelphia said the vibes and good times are all that you need, and that’s exactly what Xfinity has. 

“Xfinity has the vibes, the music, the people, and obviously the birds are what brought me here,” he said.

Xfinity Live’s arena space has a capacity of 2,600 people, and during a game, it may feel like even more. Every inch of the bar is flooded with fans and walking shoulder to shoulder is the only way to move. However, that does not stop fans from packing in and partying. 

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Kelly Kane

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