What you never knew about. Sara Rothfuss

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March 14, 2002

photo by Tracy Timson

Q: How long have you been playing tennis?
A: Since eigth grade, so that’s eight years.

Q: In the eight years, where was the most curious place you’ve been hit by the ball?
A: I’ve been hit, but I can’t really remember. I hit the coach at practice. He was hitting balls over the net at us and I hit one right back at his stomach.

Q: Have you ever gone “McEnroe” on a referee?
A: No, I said something to a coach once, but not a referee. The Wesley College coach kept telling his players if the ball was out or not in the middle of the match, so I asked for him to be removed from the court because he was calling shots for his players.

Q: What is your favorite personal memory on the court?
A: It would have to be making it to PAC championships my freshman year and making it to the second round, although I lost there.

Q: What was your record this past season?
A: For singles it was 10-9 and for doubles I think 5-8.

Q: How many [tennis] balls can you fit in your shorts?
A: I have never really tried, but I think I could fit 8. The most I’ve ever done is three because I’ve never needed more, but 8 sounds good.

Q: Have you ever beaten a guy?
A: Yeah, I beat two guys pretty bad on a few occasions.

Q: In 8 words, describe the strongest aspect of your game.
A: Leadership – I am the glue that holds us together.

Q: Who would you rather be: Anna Kournikova with good looks or Martina Hingis with a legendary game?

A: Martina with the good game because it’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what is on the inside that counts.

-interview by Rich Magda

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