What’s cookin’ in the cafeteria

By Jillian Milam
September 30, 2005

Matt Robinson

As the students rolled-in and the atmosphere of Cabrini started to liven up once again for the fall semester of 2005, new changes and moderations on campus kicked-in and are being noticed by the student body.

Many of these changes involve the cafeteria, including more than just a newly painted dining facility.

“It was a universal decision to paint the cafeteria, not only through us but through Cabrini also,” Rodney Stockett, executive chef, said. “To brighten it up a bit,” he said with a smile.

You also might have noticed that the workers have new uniforms. “They look a lot more like the Cabrini colors and style,” Stockett said.

In addition to improving the appearance, modifications have been made regarding the different stations in the cafeteria.

“They are going to build a self-containing unit for the Red Hot station, the burners will be built in and it will be much more visual than what we are doing now which will be pretty exciting,” Stockett said.

As you walk into the cafeteria next time, check out the wall to your immediate left. The computer placed on a table is there for our convenience, specifically for our nutritional concerns. The many table-top advertisements promote the idea of the balance of mind, body and soul; furthermore, the computer is connected to this theme.

“We’re trying to get the students to use the computer more. All the nutritional information from everything you eat here is on that computer… with the implementation that there will be a dish from that program every meal,” Stockett said.

Their food preparation techniques are also changing this year with the idea of cooking to order. You might go up to the grill and notice a lack of food; however, the chefs will be there waiting for your order to make it fresh in front of your face.

“This ensures better quality and makes the food fresher so students will like it more, Stockett said. “I hate lukewarm french fries, you know? So the students’ should be hot too!” Stockett said with a laugh.

According to Stockett, the menu in the cafeteria grows as the semester goes by. “It’s already expanding,” he said.

While the cafeteria has previously hosted special meals such as Italian night and Asian night, students will get to see special promotions on top of these occasions once a month. This month, we had have a special promo entitled Route 66. According to Stockett, this meal included different cuisines from different cities such as Chicago and St. Louis.

So how can we make a difference if we’re not satisfied with what we see?

“We listen to the surveys…we talk to the kids, and nobody should be afraid to say, ‘hey what do you think about this?'” Michael Antolini, general manager, said. “But be specific. A lot of people ask for variety, but what is it you’re looking for and what else would you like to see?” Antolini said.

If you don’t get a chance to speak with either of these gentlemen in the cafeteria, you can post your comments on the Comment Board located on the wall next to the computer.

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Jillian Milam

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