This is what Cabrini is doing this fall

By Anthony Pietrewicz
December 9, 2020

With fall right around the corner and the weather cooling down, students and faculty are preparing for the new season in their own fun ways. The summer has slowly simmered out, autumn is here and there are so many things to do. COVID has changed what and how people will go about their seasonal plans that they have already made, but there are countless options students and faculty can find to safely and responsibly enjoy this time of the year under the current circumstances.

Haunted Attraction, Photo By Pennhust Asylum

At the root of the excitement for fall is the cool weather, being able to go out wearing your favorite sweatshirts after months of blistering heat. The days are marked with smells of pumpkins, cinnamon, outdoors and fallen leaves while the nights always have a taste of bonfires and sandalwood in the evening air.

It is hard not to find something enjoyable during the fall season, whether you’re interested in the outdoors, sports, food or movies, there is something for everybody to do. Cabrini students are all enjoying the season in their own individual ways.

“Man, I don’t know what it is about fall, but it’s always been my favorite time of year,” sophomore communication major, Eric Monaghan said. Eric “would love to go to a haunted attraction” sometime in October but is not sure if that will happen considering how close quarters they can be. “The real horror is coronavirus,” he said.

Sophomore, Michael Moraschi, says, “fall is the best season to skateboard during.” He then shared how much he enjoys being outside in the

Drive-In Theatre
Photo provided by Sydnee Reddy

fall weather. He mentioned that he finds running during the fall season especially peaceful. Michael described how being outdoors, seeing the leaves change color and feeling the cool breeze while working out is just an experience everyone should have.  Pumpkin Spice Latte is sophomore human resources major Krista Baumeister’s favorite seasonal drink, she gets hers from Dunkin Donuts rather than Starbucks. She says that Dunkin Donuts does seasonal drinks better than other places she has tried. She recommends trying one this fall. 

The hardest part of the season is finding the perfect balance between schoolwork and social life. At this point in the academic year, students are well into their curriculum while trying to enjoy their lives outside of the classroom. Students nationwide are liable to find themselves falling behind in class, not only because of the enchanting weather, but also because of the drastic changes made to how learning is done this year. It is a struggle but Cabrini University is doing a good job at being flexible with students during the adjustment period.

How students will be celebrating Halloween on campus is still up in the air. Everyone is doing all they can to combat the virus but safety is still the top priority, nobody wants to get sick. For Thanksgiving, almost every student will be heading home to see their family for the first time in a while.

Coping with the changing seasons is not a problem with the students, all the students spoken with have claimed to love the season particularly for the moderate temperature and the themes it carries culturally.

Valley Forge, Photo provided by Sydnee Reddy

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Anthony Pietrewicz

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