What I’ve learned: Carpe diem everyday

By Jill C. Hindman
April 25, 2002

Smile often, laugh hard and have fun. Do things that will make your heart smile even if you are afraid. Listen to others, but wisely. Don’t let someone else live your life, they have one of their own. If you bought a new shirt and you spent a ton of money on it and you don’t want anyone to borrow it, it is okay to say so. Trust me, everyone can find something else to wear. Don’t talk about others because when you see the hurt in their eyes when they find out, you will wish you never said it. Take classes because you want to learn something, not because someone said it was easy. You are not here to take the easy way out.

If you disagree, say so. Agree to disagree. Stand up for yourself, but don’t start trouble. There are going to be some people in life who will never see your point of view no matter what you say or do. Accept that and ask yourself if you are that narrow-minded. If the answer is yes, work on it. If we all agreed on everything life would be boring as hell. Open your eyes and your mind to what is around you. Even if you get annoyed and frustrated at the environment that you are in, you will one day look back and miss it, but it will be gone and you will be sad. Savor every moment so that you can look back with a smile and not a tear.

If something bothers you fix it. Complaining gets you nowhere except a reputation as a whiner. If you feel like you are overwhelmed and have so much to do, take a minute to look around at the people you know. I guarantee there is someone doing 10 times the work you are and probably complaining less.

Be proud of yourself, but be humble. Do not gloat, but accept a compliment. Always walk with your head up so that you can make eye contact and smile at anyone that passes you buy. If you think that you are having a bad day, play a little game that my mom made up for me when I was younger, “What could be worse?” You’ll be laughing in no time. Laugh at life, but don’t be too proud to cry. If you love someone tell them. If you feel like you need a day off, take it. If you need help ask for it. And mom is always right.

Don’t be afraid in life to do the things that you want to do, to do the things that make you happy. One thing in my life that I will not tolerate for myself is regret. I regret nothing and I hope that I never will. Life is a classroom. Everyday we learn a new lesson, if you are paying attention or not. You are only here for such a short period of time that you should not waste it being unhappy or unsure of what it is you want.

Carpe Diem.everyday.

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Jill C. Hindman

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