What it was like to grow up as a triplet

By Megan Fee
March 7, 2021

Maura, Megan and Brian as toddlers. Photo by Kate Fee.

As a triplet people often expect us to be alike but the truth is we couldn’t be more different. 

My siblings and I are fraternal triplets, so we do not look alike enough for us to switch places with one another. I have one brother and one sister and we were all born one minute apart from each other. My sister, Maura, is the oldest, my brother, Brian, is the middle child and I am the youngest.

Being the same age, we went through everything together. We shared birthdays, we learned to walk and talk together, went to school together and achieved several other milestones and adventures together. 

As toddlers we had our own secret language and as teens we had our own inside jokes, usually with me being the butt of it and I have to admit that some of the stuff they came up with was actually really funny. We laughed a lot when we were together and when we weren’t playing games and fighting, it really was like having a ready-made party. 

Brian, Megan and Maura in the car heading to the beach together. Photo by Kate Fee.

I have always loved being a triplet because it was something unique and has always been one of my go-to ice breakers. However, being one-of-three has not always been easy. Many times we were clumped together as “the triplets” or “the Fees” or even the “Fee-sters,” which made it challenging to be recognized as individual people.

Some people would compare us or even label us or other times I would be stuck in a role as being Maura or Brian’s sister. I have had people tell me that my sister was “the smart one” my brother was just “the boy” and I was either “the quiet one or the nice one.”

It seemed like many people had their own ideas about who we were and it could be hard to get out of those roles. I did not understand why people even had to compare us because we were just like any other siblings and why we could not all be called “the smart one” or “the nice one” or more than that in some people’s eyes. We were all different people with different personalities and strengths and weaknesses after all.

Thankfully, this was not always the case though and has not happened in a long time. That is probably due to the fact that we all attend different universities and have different interests and have come to learn not to care too much about what some people think or say.

Megan, Maura and Brian on their last day of being together before freshman year of college started. Photo by Kate Fee.

I always found comfort in the fact that we were going through life together and were all experiencing similar stages of life at the same time but deciding to go to different universities gave us the chance to grow more as individuals. 

We still always have each other’s backs and it makes life a lot less scary to know that I will always have an extra special bond and connection with them.

Being a triplet has been one of the best experiences of my life and has helped define who I am today. I was never alone and basically had built-in-best friends that I experienced the ups-and-downs of life with together and I will always be forever grateful for that.


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Megan Fee

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