Were Todd Akin’s comments so outrageous?

By Se'Quia Bailey
September 25, 2012

Words should be chosen wisely, especially when they are crucially criticized by the public. As well as a good selection in word choice, being prepared to speak on serious matters would also be helpful. In recent events, Todd Akin, the G.O.P. Senate candidate, expressed in what some considered a “harsh” manner that suggested that some rapes were okay.

Many were shocked, disappointed, even outraged by not only his views, obviously, but the things he was saying in order to support his opinion. While I do not support his ideas on abortion, I believe that from the opposing side that it was just a play on words and unfortunately for him he lost the game. The misinterpretation I believe was solely based on the fact that he is not a supporter of abortions.

I do believe his approach was wrong. He claims that some rapes should not be counted as rape because the females body will shut down so that impregnation will not take place. I find several things wrong with that statement: For one he is not a female and can not tell how a females system can operate. Another thing I find wrong and crucial to this statement is that he is no expert on that topic so that statement is what the courts would call “hear-say”. Regardless of if the initial action was wanted by both parties at the point where one person does not agree is considered rape. Many rape victims are not prepared for the physical, emotional, or mental problems they may face. In this case I do believe that if it be the choice of that person to have an abortion that is ultimately their decision.

This idea also comes from the religious views that our country tries to implement. Although our country tries to allow people the freedom to believe in what they want, historically it is of a Christian denomination. However, one can not force their religious views upon another about one thing and turn the other cheek about something else. Many politicians chose to become religious when it comes down to certain ideas and situations and turn to God and often times the bible to justify their views. If Akin wanted to win supporters, because the topic is such a sensitive one, he should have taken a more sensitive passive aggressive approach rather than the insensitive aggressive approach. When it all comes down to it Akin was rather ill prepared, which is why he was so highly misinterpreted.

Could he have delivered in a better way? Yes. However politics and politicians feed people ideas based on their opinions on facts in order to get people to jump on their band-wagon. His failure was not his opinion because everyone is entitled to that. His downfall was his approach and word choice.

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Se'Quia Bailey

Hello, My name is Se'Quia Bailey I am a double major in Criminology and Communication. I have been a staff writer for the Loquitur newspaper for two years and co-lifestyles editor for one year. I am the manager of the Women's basketball team at Cabrini College as well as a Student Ambassador. I devote time to community service as well.

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