Well-known company logos with hidden messages you’ve never noticed

By Hayley Thompson
July 18, 2020

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Most of us have seen these famous logos countless times in our lives. Some of us will see them everyday and not notice the hidden designs within them. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

1. FedEx logo

The FedEx logo has a hidden arrow within the negative between the “E” and “X.” The arrow stands for speed and precision. This design has won over 40 awards for being one of the best logos.


2. Baskin Robins logo

The Baskin Robins logo has a hidden number 31 within the “B” and “R” at the beginning. The 31 stands for what the company is best known for, its 31 flavors. The logo was introduced in 2005.


3. Tostitos logo

The Tostitos logo depicts two people dipping a tortilla chip into a bowl of salsa. The two middle “T’s” double as people, while the “I” is the bowl of salsa.


4. Goodwill logo

The “G” in the Goodwill logo doubles as a smiling face. The enlarged “G” used at the top of the logo is the same “G” used in their company name at the bottom. Both double as a smiling face.


5. Beats by Dre logo

The Beats by Dre logo is also a person turned to the side with Beats headphones on. The “B” in the logo are headphones from a side view and the circle doubles as a person’s head.


6. Nintendo Gamecube logo


The Nintendo GameCube logo isn’t just a cube. The cube actually doubles as a “G” and the negative space within it is a “C” to represent the game console’s name.


7. NBC logo

NBC‘s logo isn’t just colorful. The six colors at the top help form a peacock and the negative space is its body. NBC’s vibrant logo stands for color and pride.


8. Pinterest


The Pinterest logo doubles as a board pin. The “P” within the circle is the pin, which goes very well with the digital pin board site.

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Hayley Thompson

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