Weight Watchers program to be offered

By Danielle Feole
February 14, 2008

kasey minnick/sports editor

Losing weight while being busy with work and school just became easier. Not only can you come to Cabrini for school and work but now you can sign up to be part of a “Weight Watchers at Work” program on campus.

The Weight Watchers at Work program includes convenient, on campus meetings.

Participants will be given a flexible food plan that will let you eat the foods you love and crave.

This program is geared specifically for the working person and will allow you to gain support from your school, co-workers and weight watchers.

A Weight Watchers leader will provide exercise plans with different levels of participation. Each meeting will hold a discussion about food-related behavior habits and work related issues.

Chris Hyson, director of health and wellness education, said, “The idea of a Weight Watchers at Work Program at Cabrini actually came from a staff person who made the suggestion, so we started looking into the possibility.”

The meetings will take place once a week and will last about an hour. Participants are required to prepay $135 dollars at least one week before the first session takes place.

This program is being sponsored by the offices of human resources and health and wellness education.

Hyson said, “We understand that the program fee might be prohibitive for many people, but some insurance companies do offer reimbursement plans.”

Anyone interested should contact their insurance provider and find out if they can get any money towards this program.

The deadline for this program was set for Feb. 1 but has been extended because they haven’t met the 20 person minimum yet. All students, staff and faculty are welcome to join.

Hyson said, “Right now, we are simply recruiting any interested participants, with a goal of finding at least 20 people.”

Once enough people sign up, Hyson will be able to gather participant’s availability and match schedules as closely as possible to find a mutually available time where participants can meet with a Weight Watchers program leader.

If interested, contact Chris Hyson at 610-902-8316 or wellness@cabrini.edu.

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Danielle Feole

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