Weight issues,health in college

By Elizabeth Lavin
November 18, 2005

The majority of freshmen start their college career with one major goal: fight those freshmen 15. Try as they might, many freshmen leave the year with a little more weight than they came with.

While the chance to indulge in greasy foods and endless snacks may be too tough to pass up, there are ways to fight the extra pounds without cutting those guilty pleasures out completely. Of course, some sacrifices have to be made, but diet and exercise does not have to equal torture.

Tracey Krakowiak, a fitness director, urges students to come to the Dixon Center at least three times a week. “We have many activities to choose from such as swimming, squash, aerobics, weights, bikes, stair climbers and many more,” she said. The center’s various activities make it easy for everyone to find something enjoyable, whether it be lifting, taking a class or participating in an intramural sport.

Along with going to the gym, there is healthy eating. The variety of food in the cafeteria helps students eat healthy without eating the same thing every day. Krakowiak suggests that everyone should make healthy eating choices by eating salad, making a healthy sandwich or choosing the healthiest entr

Elizabeth Lavin

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