‘We have some rock-stars on this team’

By Jason Radka
December 1, 2005

Brian Coary

Picture a sorceress at her a cauldron mixing the many ingredients to serve up her concoction. In this potion, elements such as teamwork, comradery, blood, sweat and tears are added. A touch of blue here and a tad bit of white there with a smidge of adrenaline, 26 women athletes arise dressed in blue and white armed with their wooden whoopin’ sticks. The 2005 Cabrini College field hockey team signs off one of the best seasons in the history of Cabrini field hockey.

The recent campaign of the Cabrini College women’s field hockey team has no doubt been one for the books. Head Coach Jackie Neary, despite the difficult playoff loss, was quite enthused about her team’s steady progress and achievements.

“We have had one of the best season records ever. This is one of the most talented teams I’ve coached in over 10 years of field hockey.” Coach and players had much to say looking back and reflecting on their successful season.

Coming out of high school and right into such a competitive sport and division, a freshman team member may find the program to be overwhelming. Despite the demand of excellent play, freshman Elissa Salantri spoke from retrospect.

“I loved playing field hockey here. The girls are great, fun and I’ve met so many people through the sport. All of our personalities clicked and I can’t wait to play next year,” Salantri said.

On a lighter note, Salantri also added, “We’re the sexiest team on campus!”

From freshman to senior, there is a huge step in responsibility and leadership. It was vitally important this year for the senior girls to step up their game and have their voices be heard. Coach Neary and the rest of the field hockey team would like to thank and congratulate the senior members of the field hockey team.

Ann Tye, Joanne Musiolowski, Mary Proietta, Jackie Small, Melina Moore and Mariel Murtha deserve high honors and recognition in their reign throghout their careers as Cabrini field hockey stars.

Now that the seniors are on their way out, this year’s junior members have acquired a new obligation of leadership. Junior marketing major Becca Gallagher gave a preview of her role in the next field hockey season.

“We lost six seniors this year. It affects our team. We have to step it up a notch and improve our skills to succeed,” Gallagher said.

Indeed, the field hockey team will have plenty to improve. They plan on improving their skills intensely.on international soil.

The Cabrini field hockey team are packing their bags this summer and painting themselves green as they arrive in Ireland to sharpen their games. The team plans on departing two weeks before preseason and are staying for eight days.

During their eight day stay, they plan on sight seeing, and engaging in games with other international teams. In addition to getting games under their belt, the team is interested to see how international teams play.

The Cabrini College women’s field hockey team has endured tough losses and exciting wins this season. With a family day victory over Eastern at Villanova stadium and a win over Wesley, the Lady Cavaliers have experienced nothing short of an unforgettable year.

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Jason Radka

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