Weekly dodgeball draws a crowd to Dixon Center

By Elizabeth Rowland
October 13, 2006

If you have ever been around Cabrini’s campus at 9:45 p.m. on a Wednesday night, it’s certain you’ve heard the screams. The call of “Dodgeball, woo, dodgeball,” coming from Drew Pillar, a sophomore social work major, can be heard throughout the campus. “I freakin’ love dodgeball,” Pillar said.

Open gym dodgeball has become the place to be for everyone on Wednesday nights. From the residence halls to the Dixon Center enthusiastic players let everyone know their destination is “dodgeball.”

This new open gym activity was started last year by Pillar.

“I went to visit a friend at Temple University,” Pillar said, “and we played dodgeball there and I thought it would be fun to start it at Cabrini.”

Pillar started dodgeball with only about 10 of his closest friends. They played for fun and even attracted some fans. By promoting dodgeball himself Pillar has tripled the turn-out at dodgeball from last year to this year with over 30 participants.

“He started it last year but only had about 10 people,” Sara Egan, a sophomore elementary education major, a long-time fan, said, “he promoted it himself and it has become really popular.”

Pillar promoted dodgeball by screaming down the hallways of his residence hall. His enthusiasm caught on and many people come out for dodgeball this year. Dodgeball is also being advertised in flyers and emails from the Dixon Center. The interest from last year to this year has sky-rocketed.

“Everyone of all talents can play dodgeball,” Pillar said. “There are no obligations or skills needed and that’s what makes it fun.”

Dodgeball starts out with all the players lining up and starting with a stretch. They then divide into two massive teams and let the play begin. Balls fly all over the gymnasium.

Crazy outfits are another fun element of dodgeball. Pillar prefers neon, spandex and headbands to create the fun atmosphere each week.

“Getting dressed ridiculous gives it a spirit.” Pillar said. “You just get really pumped up for something that’s a lot of fun.”

Mainly freshmen and sophomore guys participate in dodgeball, but there were a few girls that have the guts to get out on the floor. Many fans come to watch.

Sophomore psychology major, Amanda Degen describes dodgeball as, “A bunch of egotistical men throwing balls at each other to prove their status. but it’s kind of entertaining.”

Dodgeball is played every Wednesday night at the Dixon Center. It is open to everyone. There are no referees and they play on the honors system. It is fun for everyone, whether you want to participate or just watch.

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Elizabeth Rowland

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