Weekend warrior

By Gillian Davis
October 23, 2008

That party last weekend was crazy. I can’t believe that guy wore high heels and danced on the counter to Billy Idol. Oh and when they threw cake everywhere and painted the walls with jungle juice. Totally ridiculous. What? You weren’t there? Oh that’s right. You went home.

And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of why students should not go home on the weekend.

I, myself, do not travel back and fourth every Friday and Sunday. It’s not just because I am from Connecticut or that my wallet cries every time I go to pay for transportation home. It’s because I know that every weekend is an opportunity for me to do whatever I want and to experience new things.

It’s not like going home is so appalling. Seeing family and friends is always great. But to do that every weekend? Does it even seem like you are in college or are you at a boarding school with family visitation rights on the weekends?

Let’s compare the pros and cons in this situation.

Pros: seeing lots of your family and friends, sleeping in your bed and the chance to finally shower without those nasty flip flops.

Cons: Having your family constantly interrogating you on your plans, missing your friends at school, paying for the gas to drive home and realizing the fact you left all your important stuff at school.

School is sounding better by the minute.

My experiences of staying 98 percent of the weekends at Cabrini have always been enjoyable. I have had the chance to discover Philadelphia, meet great people and gain independence. Since my freshman year, I have developed a better understanding of who I am as a person. I believe this is all due to staying for Cabrini weekends.

I know most of you reading this right now are saying, “But there isn’t anything to do on the weekends!” What do you want? Have Cabrini give you an itinerary of what to do with yourself?

You don’t want that. I doubt you even followed that schedule set-up for freshmen orientation.

Fend for yourself. Research what there is to do. Ask what other people’s plans are. Visit other schools. Go to that party.

Make friends. Branch out. Evolve. Live!

Our school is located in the woods but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do. There are clubs on campus, CAP Board, SGA, the Wolfington Center, Cabrini Recreation, SEaL and other groups, which create trips or ideas for students to get involved in or just to have fun.

I have signed up for many events offered by these groups. I mean, come on, I got to go zip-lining and complete a high ropes course. I won $100 for showing school spirit at Cavalier Tip-Off. Last year, I even got to experience my first time out of the country on the Ski Club’s trip to Canada. Does that seem boring?

By going home on the weekends, you are risking the chance of creating the best memories of your life. I would never trade a weekend home with some of the memories I have created at Cabrini.

There is nothing like independence. College is the first chance for you to experience it. You are on your own, living by yourself. You don’t have anyone to guide you. You don’t have your parents holding you back. This is your chance to discover who you are.

Embrace this opportunity. These are the best four years of your life. Don’t waste them at home.

Gillian Davis

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