We did it to ourselves

By Paul Nasella
March 31, 2005

Shawn Rice

Within the last few months, President Bush has been pushing for the reform of social security. As part of this reform, Bush has said that he would like to create private accounts that young people could use to invest money for their retirement.

Since these reforms were introduced, many young people have been left scratching their heads at the thought of what it all means. Not only that, but some have been left asking the burning question of “What has caused the president to want to reform social security in the first place?”

To me, this answer is simple. You see, the reason that has caused the president to want to do so is that over the past twenty years, the United States has become more and more dependent on foreign countries. This in turn has resulted in the United States not having as many jobs for its workers and in turn has resulted in them being unable to contribute as much money to social security.

This is also not to mention that the off shoring of jobs and the moving of corporations oversees hasn’t contributed to this problem as well.

By off shoring jobs and moving corporations oversees, the United States is only hurting itself further.

By doing so, American corporations are taking jobs from Americans that many would be happy to have as well as jobs that could be used to help contribute to social security and help further boost the economy.

By corporations only thinking about how much they can make over the next quarter rather than how they are hurting the United States and social security over the next quarter century, these practices are only going to cause social security to suffer even further until it eventually ends up going bankrupt.

Therefore, we can see that it is because of America’s capitalist thirst for cash, that our own democratic nation is causing itself to run out of what it seeks and worships so very much.

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Paul Nasella

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