Wax and A Wick

By Cheryl Tranchitella
November 8, 2001

Katie Reing

Candles are not just for decoration they have symbols and meanings. Candles are used for holidays, religious reasons or maybe even to set the mood for a certain situation.

Birthdays celebrate a new year and wish for the best in the upcoming year. You light in hope that the presence of Christ will guide you with the special intention candles used in church. Christmas eve you can light a bayberry candle and let it burn all the way down and the future year will be filled with good luck and wealth. On Easter the Paschal candle represents the light of Christ coming into the world.

“From the beginning along with creation came light. Christ is the light of the world,” said Dr. Mary Laver, Campus Minister. Light stands for hope, justice and life. From the beginning of time light was important and still is in every religion and faith.

Candles can be used to set a certain ambiance or they could add just the right touch to a room. If you need to relax candles are helpful. The glow and light fragrance of candles help you unwind. A good place to be able to find mood-setting candles is in Illuminations in the King of Prussia mall in the Plaza. They hand make all of their own candles out of food grade and natural fruits. It also has a variety of wall mounts and chandeliers. With all of the possible selections you could possibly get away with not having electricity and living by candlelight.

Its newest line is the Gemstone Collection. It consists of Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire. This line is known to be highly fragranced and very festive. They come in all different shapes and sizes. They are decorated with glitter and cut glitter to make them appear as small prisms. The little prisms make the candle jump out and catch the light more. This line just recently came out and in one day thirty were sold.

“We sell the atmosphere not just candles,” said Rebecca Rios, general manager. She also stated how lighting candles has always been a ritual and a sign of togetherness and how they are trying to bring that back.

Whether you are setting a mood, celebrating another year come and gone or taking a bubble bath to unwind candles are always good to have.

Get Crafty With Candlemaking

Wax “tarts” are used to scent the home. They are commonly referred to as “tarts” because of their tart-like shape.

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Cheryl Tranchitella

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