Want to join any clubs or programs at Cabrini?

By Hannah Poggi
October 11, 2021

All to know about Cabrini’s Clubs and Programs

Cabrini has clubs and programs that will indeed fit everyone’s passions. Photo by Unsplash.com

When thinking about getting involved on campus, students usually question what clubs or programs they should or can join. Cabrini offers an ample selection of different clubs and programs that are bound to meet everyone’s niche and interests. 

But what are those exact clubs and programs? Cabrini has a number of clubs and organizations, including: the Black Student Union, Cheerleading Club, Commuter Crew, International Club, Pura Vida Club and many more! Many of these clubs and organizations are easy to join and it makes students feel part of a community. There are even some new clubs/programs that people are unaware of and that are blossoming. 

“The Jewish Club is a new club to bring people who are Jewish on campus together and to a create a sense of community for them. Anybody and anyone with a different religion can join and are welcomed,” Julia Singer, sophomore education major and secretary of the jewish club, said. Cabrini allows students a opportunity to start their club or bring an idea to the table when something sparks their interest or passion. 

“In Social Nexus, the mission is to bring together social media skills to tell meaningful stories. Eventually, undecided students will be able to join if their interests work, there will be a hierarchy. Meaning a certain level of leadership, undecided students can still function dynamically with the group,” Dr. Grigoryan, professor and leader of social nexus, said. Social Nexus is a new program for the digital communications & social media major/department. Students are given a chance to show their skills and partake in different hubs to collectively create content and learn how to use social media professionally. As Grigoryan mentioned, they are considering allowing people who are not part of the communication major to join in the future as the program progresses and evolves. 

To make sure someone is helpful and beneficial of a club or organization, members must have/follow certain criteria. Some of these criteria for members to participate includes taking responsibility and ownership, being able to assist others, having good communication skills and putting in an aspect of trust for your fellow members and organization.  

Along with meeting some of the criteria mentioned above, there are disciplinary and academic standings a students need to withhold to join and stay in a club/program. All officers and members must obtain a GPA of 2.0 or above. This is a key requirement.

Everyone is welcome, if requirements are met. Photo by Unsplash.com

 Each club and program meet for meetings frequently and expects member’s attendance each time. For example, each club or program may have essential announcements and duties to do, so being present is a good step in the right direction. Attendance is also required especially for members of sports teams or clubs that have multiple events. 

“My favorite thing about being part of the crew team is rowing out on the bay with friends and getting to race other teams,” Marisa Canuso, sophomore education major, said. Being part of a sports team at Cabrini allows students to build good relationships with their teammates. 

Singer, Canuso and Grigoryan give great examples and an inside look at some of the different programs and clubs Cabrini has to offer. It is highlighted that anyone can join based on their interests, as long as they are meeting the academic and member-based criteria. 

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