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By Gina Peracchia
February 12, 2004

Steph Mangold

I know it’s been almost two weeks, and everyone and their mother knows about the Janet Jackson breast-baring stunt that happened at the Super Bowl. I personally think that not one more person should write or speak about it. That’s why when you read this, you need to understand that I’ve completely contradicted myself.

You also need to promise me something. Promise me that this will be the last time you read an article about this topic.

So here’s what I think. First of all, this stunt was blown way out of proportion. Something that was seen for less than a second turned into one of the biggest stories on every major national and international television station, including CNN. At this point, it’s not talked about as much, but I guarantee that if you go to CNN.com to their “More Top Stories” section you will see one article about it. I see something very wrong with this picture. Why is it that Janet Jackson’s breast is more important than, let’s say, for example, the presidential race, or the kidnapping and death of Carlie Brucia? I don’t get it.

I don’t think it’s just the media that’s making this issue a big deal, but also people in general. We want to hear about it, and we want to know what’s going to happen. For some reason, we’d rather watch tabloid or entertainment news than MSNBC or CNN. Some of you might be thinking I just mean college students, but that’s not the case, I mean everyone. I know people in their 50s and 60s who want to know what’s going to happen to Janet Jackson now, and when news of Iraq or the president comes on, they change the channel. Have we been programmed to be that way, or have our morals gone down the toilet? I choose the latter, but that’s a whole other perspective.

I must confess, I also would rather hear about Janet Jackson than hear about President Bush. Shame on me. But, the truth of the matter is that it’s more exciting. I know it’s not a big deal, but the fact that the FCC is investigating the matter is very interesting and entertaining.

Most of you will probably fall off the chair when you hear this, but I don’t believe she did that stunt on purpose. I believe that at the last minute, she decided that taking off part of her corset would be a fun and exciting ending to the half-time show, but I do not believe that both the black part of her corset and her bra were supposed to come off.

I’ve been a fan of Janet Jackson since I was five years old, and she does not need bad publicity. She seems to be a smart woman who knows that exposing herself in front of 90 million people on television is not the best thing in the world to do. So why would she do it? I don’t think she actually thought people would say, “That was a great stunt! We applaud you and would like you to play at the Super Bowl again next year!”

Come on. Everyone knows there are rules, and that young children watch the Super Bowl, too. She knows this and has apologized numerous times for what happened. I don’t think it should have been called a “costume malfunction,” because that just sounds silly, but I do believe it should be considered an accident. I also feel that, yes, she should be fined for what she did. Justin Timberlake, that oh-so-sexy man (I couldn’t be more sarcastic), should also be fined. He’s just as guilty, considering he caused the accident.

What people did not see was when she covered herself up and ran down the stage to get a towel. You could see the shock in her face when she realized her bra came off as well. I’ve watched the video a few times online where they actually show the whole thing, so I’m not making this up.

To all the people who think I’m crazy for thinking what happened was an accident, that’s fine. But honestly, we’ll never know. So there’s no point in really talking about it anymore. Is there?

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Gina Peracchia

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