The who, what, when, and where of voting

By Eny Martins
October 26, 2022

Lines can often wrap around corner during voting season. Photo by Tim Brown from Flickr.
Lines can often wrap around corner during voting season. Photo by Tim Brown from Flickr.

Election season is here, and it’s easy to find information and get involved. Whether voters need to know who’s on the ballot or where to go, there are resources to help.  

Positions such as Pennsylvania governor and U.S. Senator are up for grabs, and these races are crucial. Even unmotivated college students can benefit from reminders that their voices have power through voting. The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 8 election was Oct. 24, however,  the mail-in and absentee ballot deadline is Nov. 1.

Resources and voting importance

Common voting box. Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels.

Online resources are always available, such as, where one can register to vote. The website also provides information about the process of voting in the state, and there is even information on how to register to become a poll worker. 

Saleem Brown, Cabrini’s executive director of community development and external relations, weighed in on the value of voting.  

“It’s important, because you need to vote for leaders who will represent you, your ideas, and hopefully bring the change that you see within your community. This year’s election focuses on a few highly talked about areas such as education and women’s rights,” Brown said.    

Even Cabrini’s campus has places that can help students who may not know where to start.  

“The Wolfington Center has helped students learn about their voting rights,” said Brown. In the past, the center also provided students with voter registration forms

Knowing who’s on the ballot 

Aside from candidate television advertisements, there is additional quick research one can jump into to see exactly who’s running. breaks down the political positions of each candidate vying for every open position in every state.   

“As a younger person, I’m realizing more and more after each election that there is more to voting than I thought,” said John Ameyaw, senior marketing major. “Some may not realize that the presidential election, which comes around every four years, isn’t the only election that should be viewed as something to pay close attention to. So, continuing to tell each other about voting resources is important.”  

Where to vote 

When it comes time to do so, voters can choose to mail in their ballot or go to the nearest polling location. Nearby polling centers for all states can be found at, and information on voting early is also there. 

Finding a polling location is easy. Photo by Joe Shlabotnik from Flickr.

Other features, such as tracking ballot applications, locating dropboxes to put ballots in, and pre-registering to vote when one isn’t yet 18 are also available on the site.   

These easy-to-find methods keep people aware of their voting rights and the way elections work.  

As important as spreading awareness on social media for many of society’s issues, casting a vote is how anyone can get directly involved in making political changes.   



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I spend my time doing things I love, such as hanging out with my favorite people, going out and trying new foods, meeting new people, traveling, and hanging out around nature. I am passionate about music, art and animals.

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