Volleyball makes playoffs, history

By Nina Scimenes
November 19, 2004

Lori Iannella

Making it to the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference semifinals this fall season has been a milestone for the women’s volleyball team. This has been the first time since 1996 that the Lady Cav’s have made it to playoffs. After Cabrini knocked out Cedar Crest College, 3-0, they advanced to semifinals. Eastern beat Cabrini 3-0 in the semifinals on Eastern’s home court concluding the Lady Cav’s season.

The first round against Cedar Crest was dominated by Cabrini all three games, 30-25, 30-25, and 30-14. The season ended with a successful record of 14-13. Three Cabrini players were named overall PAC players; Janelle Custer, number one, Jen Scapellati, number three, and Sarah Norfolk, ten.

“I was impressed all season with the team, from the start until the very end,” Head coach Trish Arnold said. The team’s goal was to make playoffs and they exceeded it by making it to the semifinals.

Junior Kacie Green led the team as captain. “She lead us in good times and through the bad. We don’t give up. We just stick together to get it done,” said Scapellati.

On the court the team showed that they have been practicing hard together. With four new freshmen added to the team this year the team adjusted their style of play to mesh well together. Junior Tiffany Glass filled the spot of a setter on the team along with sophomore Kelli Anderson.

“Preseason prepared the freshman for how close the team is,” Scapellati said. The team is full of young players, and all team members will be returning next year. With no seniors on the team it helped make everyone feel more equal.

“The upperclassmen treated the four of us at the same level as them. We are a really tight team,” freshman Samantha Hartling said. She was named as a member of the first team All-PAC team. She has come to Cabrini across the country from California to play volleyball and basketball. Hartling does not regret her decision one bit and looks forward to next season with the Lady Cavs. “I’m happy with my performance but you can always do better. My goal for next year is to beat Eastern,” Hartling said.

During the off-season Arnold is planning to enter the Lady Cavs in a competitive tournament. The team has already begun recruiting for next year and plans to add more talent to the lineup.

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Nina Scimenes

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