Volleyball finishes 1-2 in Bible school Tournament

By Staff Writer
September 11, 2003

Marisa Gallelli

The unofficial season in women’s volleyball spiked three games at the Philadelphia Bible University Tournament in the weekend of Aug. 29-30.

The Lady Cavaliers attacked rival school Rosemont College with a win of 3-0 but lost to Alvernia College and Albright College 0-3.

With the multiple games played at the Philadelphia Bible Tournament, the Lady Cavaliers were able to see the skills that future opponents would have later in the year.

Senior Brooke McGinn said, “Mostly it pumps me up when we play multiple games, for the fact that if we win and we play a great game I’m pumped to play the next one. But if we lose a game, I am still pretty pumped, a little down for losing but still pumped just so that I can go into the next game with a positive attitude.”

Anticipation for the new school year and Pennsylvania Athletic Conference season is brimming amongst the senior volleyball team players. An uplifting year is in forecast with the team’s skill. The PAC season begins Tuesday, Sept. 9.

This story posted to the web by Marisa Gallelli

Staff Writer

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