Virginia Tech shooting hits a little too close to home

By Katie Clark
May 3, 2007

By now I am sure everyone has heard many different stories and events that took place at Virginia Tech University on April 16. “The worse shooting in the U.S. history,” is one of the scariest thoughts that I personally have heard in a while. I think many can agree that this story may have hit a little too close to home.

Virginia Tech is only about six and a half drive away from Cabrini, according to Googlemaps. Many people around here know students or faculty who attend this university.

Fortunately for me, I don’t, but I do have two of my best friends who live out in Virginia and have friends who attend the college. There are many different stories and feelings floating around on this massive shooting. Mine personally is sorrow and anger.

I have not just anger but hatred towards the shooter. Sure, he was picked on all his life and people rejected him, but that doesn’t give him a reason to have the right to take people’s lives. No one assigned him to play God. There is no one who can say they have never felt rejection throughout their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, it is an awful and lonely feeling, but to react in the way that he did, is simply just wrong. The shooter really thought he was sinned upon more than he actually had sinned, but two wrongs will never make a right.

Another reason that makes me very angry towards him is because of the actions he took before the shooting. For him to tape himself and take pictures of himself before his massive shooting spree, in my opinion, is just sick.

If you go onto, you can find the video and pictures he sent into NBC news before incident. He wanted the publicity and to be remembered.

There is one more reason for my anger towards this massacre and this is at the actual college. Apparently, the shooter had the warning signs of suicidal thoughts.

According to the news, there were many signs in the papers he was writing for his classes. Also in things he would say to teachers and other classmates.

Nowadays you can not take chances when people say harmful things. Many people don’t believe it will actually happen to them, but it really does and people actually do have this much hatred inside.

The school’s way in which they handled the situation when it was taking place is another reason for my anger as well. When the first shooting took place early in the morning, the campus wasn’t aware of it until about two hours later.

This is not a good emergency system they have set up on their campus. If they had a better system set up they may have been able to save some lives and stopped the shooter from his lunatic ways.

Even through all my anger towards the situation, I cannot even begin to express the amount of sorrow I have towards all of the family members and friends who have lost loved ones in this horrible event.

I’m very sorry for everyone who was involved or knew someone involved in this. I think I can speak for many when I say, Virginia Tech, you are in our prayers.

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Katie Clark

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