Varsity Club created to break stereotypes

By Heather Di Lalla
November 29, 2001

Sports players have special privileges no matter what anyone says. It is almost impossible to ignore the special treatment that athletes receive from teachers and fellow students. I happen to be an athlete, who understands both sides of the story.

On the one hand, college is for learning. Some people would like to play sports or join clubs but they are unable to because of school and work. They choose college first because it is their first priority. Why should these people who are unable to participate in extra curricular activities not get the attention that an athlete receives?

The athletes here represent Cabrini when they play other schools. They display leadership, determination and sportsmanship. Besides going to class and studying, athletes have to do additionally workout and make time to for practice and games. There are more things expected from an athlete than from an academic student.

Even though expectations are high for an athlete, they do not wish to have special treatment. In fact, all of the sports teams have come together by making a club called the Varsity Club in order to eliminate the stereotypes and attitudes that the sports teams are receiving.

The Varsity club is working extra hard by doing community service, running charities and most importantly supporting each other. The Varsity Club is trying to regain the lost school spirit and to allow teams to unite for each other instead of against one another.

The non-athletes should consider gaining more school spirit by attending home games whenever they can. Instead of criticizing sports players, they should encourage and support the team.

I have never be given any individual treatment as a result of being apart of a team and I don’t expect it, but it would be nice to hear a non athlete say “Good luck in your game today, I’ll be rooting for you.”

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Heather Di Lalla

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