Valentine’s Day: Bittersweet or sweetly bitter?

By Danielle Feole
February 14, 2008

Flowers, candy and teddy bears are not the only things that make Feb. 14 special. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and I think it is a day that can help strengthen many relationships and families.

In many relationships, people are very much in love but don’t always have time to show it due to work, school or children.

Many people claim that Valentine’s Day is just a holiday “made up by Hallmark” or a “girl’s holiday” but I think it is so much more than that.

Valentine’s Day is the one day out of 365 days where you make sure to set aside time to show the person you love how special they still are to you.

Many couples spend Valentine’s Day going to expensive and elaborate dinners and buying each other a variety of gifts. Others order food and pop in a movie. I think Valentine’s Day can really bring romance back into a relationship.

Being such a girly-girl at times, I love the idea of the color pink everywhere, hearts and chocolates but that is not the only reason I love Valentine’s Day. This holiday can also be a favorite to a person not in a relationship.

Being single in high school, I would always come home to a heart filled with chocolates and other different gifts from my mom.

Every year, I could expect flowers from my dad as a little girl.

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is definitely a plus, but not the only reason to celebrate.

Working at a restaurant, I have seen groups of women more than once, in their “red” outfits, getting something to eat and drinking margaritas. Why not value your love for anyone on Valentine’s Day?

I can’t help but be in a loving mood on Valentine’s Day. I went in CVS the other day, and there was candy and valentines everywhere. I was instantly in a good mood.

It is not a holiday to make single people feel unhappy or low. It is simply a day to show your love for the people who are special to you in your life.

Without love, from family, friends, or a boyfriend you probably would not be the person that you are today. So why not say thank you to someone for loving you no matter what?

However, I think the meaning of Valentine’s Day should teach people to express their love for one another every day and not just on Feb. 14.

Danielle Feole

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