Valentine’s Day: A Hallmark holiday to drain boyfriends’ wallets

By Jillian Smith
February 8, 2007

When asked about Valentine’s Day, I don’t think about the true meaning behind St. Valentine and the many myths and legends that are associated with him.

No, when the date Feb. 14 is mentioned, all I can think about is chocolate, roses, chocolate, jewelry and more chocolate!

Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, is a girl’s excuse to get gifts from her significant other, while Hallmark reaps in all of the benefits.

If thought about, there are tons of gifts for boys to give to girls, but hardly any gifts for girls to give to boys.

That’s where Hallmark steps in and suggests handing out cards or cute stuffed animals which are supposed to compensate for the earrings or the necklace that the boy has bought the girl.

Sometimes a girl can get creative, while not spending a lot of money, and make a gift mostly out of construction paper and glue and sappy love song lyrics pasted all over.

Again, this is supposed to compensate for the boy spending money? Why should the boy spend so much money on a girl that will only give him a sentimental, no money spent gift?

Now, I understand that most girls will not go the sentimental route and will buy an expensive gift for their boyfriend, but 99% of the time, that gift has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be hearts, pink and red colors everywhere, cupid and his arrow and all that other “lovey” couple things, not a Madden 2007 video game or a SAW III DVD.

Valentine’s Day is a day where the girl is meant to be spoiled and pampered, yet she usually is left feeling guilty because her boyfriend has spent way too much money on her and bought her cute Valentine’s Day gifts, when all she did was cut and paste a cute picture frame together.

And as if the gift wasn’t enough, the male is expected to pay for dinner and/or the movie or whatever else the couple may do on their romantic evening out.

I understand that this is the 21st century and the male doesn’t necessarily have to pay for the date, but most of the time, the male does, even when the female offers.

So again, the female is left feeling guilty that the male has shoveled out all of this money on a holiday just to make her feel special and to prove how much he truly does love and care for her.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, she’s bitter, she must not have anyone special in her life.

Truthfully, I do have a boyfriend who tends to spoil me on Valentine’s Day and although I love it, deep down I know that Valentine’s Day is a foolish holiday.

I know that I feel guilty after opening an amazing gift that he has spent money on for me, and I hand over my construction paper book entitled “The Story of Us” – a sappy rendition of our last 4 years together.

Instead of going out to dinner, my boyfriend decided to be romantic and cook me dinner, but I wasn’t allowed to help cook, set the table or clean up.

Now, in anyone else’s eyes they would be saying “why are you complaining?” I am complaining because why should boyfriends only pamper their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day?

Why is it when February 14th rolls around boys want to swoon over their girlfriends?

Without St. Valentine, February 14th would just be an ordinary average day where no gifts are given and boyfriends don’t act extra sweet.

I feel that Valentine’s Day is a “made-up” holiday – although, I wouldn’t mind getting chocolate every now and then.

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Jillian Smith

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