Victoria Vernon: More than just a friendly face at Cabrini

By Lauren Kelley
May 4, 2021

Victoria Vernon is a 2021 Cabrini University graduate. Photo by Victoria Vernon

This year’s valedictorian is Victoria Vernon. She finished up her studies last semester and is graduating from Cabrini University with an English and Secondary Education degree.

Victoria is a true testament to the Cabrini name and is becoming an engaged citizen of the world. She wishes to educate the hearts and minds of her students.

Family life

“By believing in myself and the plans for me, I can confidently navigate the highs and lows by enjoying each season of life.”

Victoria learned to appreciate all of her experiences and find value in them. Achieving her goals has always been of importance.

Victoria Vernon and her brother, Drew Vernon, at his graduation in 2017. Photo by Victoria Vernon

She learned how to be resilient and stay positive at a young age. Her parents divorced when she was only 7 years old, and her father raised her and her two brothers. Paving the way for their younger sister, brothers Drew Vernon (2017 graduate) and Trent Vernon (2019 graduate) also attended Cabrini.

Originally from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, each sibling took up a different field of study. Victoria was excited to make her family proud when she became a first year English Education student.

Time at Cabrini

As a freshman, Victoria decided to dive in feet first by getting involved in student government. If that wasn’t enough for a first year student, she decided to join the cheer leading team as well.

By sophomore year, she became a member and the president of Alpha Lambda Delta honor society. Victoria was also a resident assistant in a freshman dorm during her sophomore and junior year.

Victoria Vernon rocking her Cabrini gear. Photo by Victoria Vernon

“Being the first to welcome new students and create close-knit communities was amazing and rewarding,” Victoria recalled.

Throughout her time at Cabrini, she served as a leader for various learning communities and she thoroughly enjoyed supporting other students in their studies.

Cabrini gave Victoria countless opportunities to grow as an individual, a leader, and an educator. She was honored to be awarded the “Rising Leader” award in 2018- a leadership and involvement award bestowed upon new students at Cabrini University.

Being engaged in extracurricular activities on campus enhanced Victoria as a leader. She is humbled and proud as she reflects on her time as a resident assistant. She enjoyed hosting numerous events for her residents and encouraging new students to meet others.

It was these opportunities and her commitment to her education that made her feel accomplished. Victoria feels confident, prepared, and eager to apply all that she learned during her time at Cabrini. She is grateful for teachers, staff and students alike who played important roles in her college career.


Victoria completed her student teaching experience with honors and is thankful to have graduated in only three and a half years. She is proud to be part of the English and Education Honor Societies, too.

Victoria Vernon’s first day of teaching middle school. Photo by Victoria Vernon

As one might guess, Victoria’s greatest accomplishments are centered around teaching. By observing various schools and creating positive connections, she felt motivated to make a difference in the lives of her students.

She strives to maintain a welcoming environment for her students, whether virtual or in person. Establishing positive connections with students and teachers alike is very important to Victoria.

“When I would teach a lesson to a group of students during field, I would always feel accomplished,” says Vernon. “Whether the lesson went as planned or differently, I felt as if I could always find ways to improve and appreciate the opportunity.”

This makes Victoria feel accomplished, as her passion for teaching is constantly reassured.

What’s next?

Victoria is currently an aide/substitute teacher at an elementary school in California. Next fall, she will be teaching Middle School English Language Arts and is looking forward to sharing her love of learning with her students.

Graduation 2019: Trent Vernon (brother), Andy Vernon (father), and Victoria Vernon. Photo by Victoria Vernon

Victoria will also be marrying her college sweetheart, Dillon Staples, who she met “next door” at Eastern University.

In the near future, she hopes to pursue her master’s degree in school counseling.

Victoria appreciated all aspects of student life during her time at Cabrini. She thanks her family and countless teachers who inspired her to give back to her students by supporting them wholeheartedly.



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Lauren Kelley

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