Up ’til Dawn raising money and cancer awareness

By Amanda Finnegan
October 28, 2005

Cabrini’s Up ’til Dawn chapter is raising both money and awareness for children with cancer. The Up ’til Dawn group is a national-wide, student-run organization that raises money for the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Like Up ’til Dawn, St. Jude’s Hospital, located in Memphis, Tenn., is also a non-profit, pediatric-cancer center who never turns a child and their family away, even those that do not have the finances for treatment. The hospital even finds housing for the family while their child is being treated.

Francine Clement, a sophomore and sociology major, who is currently the executive director of Up’til Dawn, visited St. Jude’s this past summer for a convention for Up ’til Dawn leaders. She said that the children were just like normal kids, and it was one of the happiest places she had ever visited.

Up ’til Dawn is holding their first event on Nov. 1, known as the all team meeting. Teams of five come to register and have a letter-writing party. “It’s a good time. There’s music, food and Cabrini’s radio station, the BURN, comes too,” Clement said.

Each member of the team writes letters to friends and family asking them to donate to the cause. Most of the organization’s funds are made through these donations.

Although the night is an enjoyable time for the most part, there is also a very real and serious aspect of the night to remind students of the cause at hand. A college-age cancer survivor, who has been treated at St. Jude’s, comes to speak to the students and share his or her survival story.

For this year, Up ’til Dawn is already in the works of planning fundraisers, such as dances, hot chocolate and pretzel sales and the upcoming poker night. The poker night will be held on Nov. 18 with a $20 to $25 admission, where students will be able to gamble with Monopoly money.

Like so many other students, Christina Moglioni, a sophomore elementary education major, became involved for the cause. Moglioni, who is currently the recruitment chairman, said, “It’s a great opportunity for students to celebrate and live the life that these children are fighting for.”

On March 31, Up ’til Dawn will hold their finale to celebrate what they accomplished all year. This is where the organization gets its name, by students and members trying to party and stay “up ’til dawn.” The finale includes food, games and is open to the Cabrini community. At the end of the year, students who have raised the most money receive prizes and other incentives, but overall, the fundraising is a team effort.

Last year Cabrini’s Up ’til Dawn chapter alone raised an outstanding $35,000. The 150 schools nationwide who participate in Up ’til Dawn together raised over $3 million.

Clement, who participated in Up ’til Dawn as a freshman, says it is a great way to meet people and get involved in the community. “Students are able to have fun, but at the same time know that they are saving children’s lives,” Clement said.

There is a much bigger world outside the small, peaceful Cabrini campus. Up ’til Dawn is helping students see the bigger picture and work for the greater good. Moglioni said, “College gets so busy, but by being involved in Up ’til Dawn helps to open your eyes to the world.”

To obtain more information about Up ’til Dawn, please contact of the office of student activities.

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Posted to the web by Shane Evans

Amanda Finnegan

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