Upperclassmen to benefit from job fair

By Justin Hallman
February 12, 2004

The Charlotte Observer/ KRT

Graduating seniors all face the harsh reality of the real world as soon as they leave the friendly confines of a college campus. Any assistance is helpful and Cabrini students have an ample opportunity for such support at the “Backpack to Briefcase” event being held Tuesday, Feb. 24, at the Valley Forge Scanticon, from 6-8:30 p.m.

“The purpose of this event is to help graduating seniors into the professional business world,” Nancy Hutchinson said. “It’s a fun event in its second year and promises to be yet again, a successful evening.”

Last year at the first annual “Backpack to Briefcase” event, 87 students attended and 24 were from Cabrini. The event is open to all students in the SouthEastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Educatuon organization of schools and the cost is $5. Included in the price is a buffet dinner, a business attire fashion show, giveaways and professionally designed door prizes.

In addition, students will learn about differences from college to the real world and how to prepare for that at the event. Students will learn how to compose a resume, a cover letter, correctly conduct a job search, enhance interview skills and other aspects of a professional transformation.

“This event is great for any student, of any major,” Hutchinson said. “It can benefit anyone who is making the change from student to professional. They will learn how to interview, how to speak; they will learn a lot because every student is in the same situation.”

Two of the featured speakers at the event will be Pamela Holland and David Bontempo. Holland, an author, will be representing Brody Communications in Jenkintown and Bontempo, who is a private consultant, will be speaking on behalf of his own staffing company.

“Both individuals have a really good sense of what specifically to talk and not talk about,” Hutchinson said. “Appropriate attire, etiquette, and other issues will all be discussed.”

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Justin Hallman

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