Up-and-coming recording artist juggles a double life

By Andrew Kang
November 2, 2020

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An undergraduate at Cabrini University is building his reputation as a recording artist while balancing a double major. For someone that wasn’t sure at all of his academic endeavors a few years ago, he’s starting to see how college can help him advance in a career he’s starting to see some success in.

Sophomore Pryce Jamison is a musician and college student who’s been gaining buzz. He invests much of his time building a music career. Ever since his high school days, he grew interested in songwriting. Being a communication and writing major has further opened his mind to the different types of writing. He can explore a future in journalism, screenplays, or lyrics.

Jamison has to balance school and music. To do both take careful planning to be successful in each. Jamison understands this and has learned to prioritize his time and make sacrifices to allow his journey to unfold. Jamison is writing and recording hip-hop and R&B. Establishing priorities for his time can be difficult.

Jamison first started his journey as a musician midway through high school in Springfield Township. He was living in the Bronx and then West Philadelphia in his younger life. Occasionally when showing off his lyrical talent around peers, more and more kids suggested he take it more seriously. “I felt like I just always had that musical root to me,” Jamison said. “Whether it was following along with a Michael Jackson track or one from Jay-Z, I always paid attention and tried to break down the rhythm at a young age.” Eventually, after doing so, receiving much positive feedback, and releasing content to the masses, he built the confidence to have a way of expression that he felt truly fitted him. 

Pryce Jamison performing his original music with a live band.
Photo submitted by Pryce Jamison.

 It’s no surprise that Jamison fell in love with music as he was influenced by his mother, Monet Tanksley-Jamison.  His mother grew up in the Bronx during the 80s where hip hop was on the rise. She introduced Jamison to an array of interests such as hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and soul and a little rock.

As he continued his music journey, Jamison has had the opportunity to perform in various locations across Philadelphia. His performances proved to be successful as his audience grew. Shows could range from 30 people in a room up to even 500 from time to time as he displayed his talents. His hard work would even gain recognition across social media and capture the attention of music sites that had more than 100,000 followers., such as CultureOfHop and PoweredonDiamonds. Jamison releases his music on many different platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, YouTube, etc.

One of the singles “Black Heart” that’s available across all streaming platforms. Photo submitted by Pryce Jamison

One of his goals is to inspire those in his position who are unsure of their future. He uses his voice to influence those who have a dream but are unsure if they are capable of achieving such passions. The messages in his songs often vary, but every now and then he also aims to implement social justice in his work. He forever pledges to advocate for those who feel like they have a voice that can’t be heard. The ones who are afraid to express what they feel is right while speaking up against the inequality that still plagues our world and nation.

“I just want to really be engaged and be a beacon for my people that have to deal with injustice,” Jamison said.

Andrew Kang

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