‘Two.one.five’ magazine hits the streets

By Christina Michaluk
February 21, 2008

Megan Pellegrino

“Two.one.five” magazine is hitting the streets. It’s an up-and-coming Philadelphia magazine trying to fight its way through the massive magazine scene. In true Philadelphia style, the magazine is an underdog trying to climb to the top.

A few free copies of the first issue are making its way around the city in order to get their name and face out to the public. Right now it’s free, so be one of the few people to be lucky enough to get it.

People may wonder what is different about “two.one. five” compared to every other magazine. It is a Philly- based magazine with a whole new twist on the norm.

Flip through the magazine and there are bright colorful pages that stick out and catch the eye, bringing the reader in immediately. The style resembles that of an Urban Outfitters store with its bold colors and interesting designs. If the colors don’t catch the eye than the different headlines will.

The first issue is a double feature. One half of the magazine has a more serious tone while the other is more modern and fun.

The writers try to take a youthful look at some of the issues that surround Philadelphia. The magazine has a fresh and edgy attitude that’s hard to miss.

“Over the years, we’ve traveled around the country and had the opportunity to sample living in some of the nation’s other great metropolitan areas. Yet, there is something that has always kept us returning to this gritty place,” founders Tayyib Smith and Matthew Bacine said.

As much as the writers say they love Philadelphia they find themselves trying to speak out against all of the problems they find here.

For example, open to the centerfold of the magazine. There are statistics of all the murders that have occurred in 2007 compared to 1986.

“Much as we love this place, we still have beef. We live in a city that is growing rapidly, but with this growth has come a growing economic disparagement,” Smith and Bacine said.

On the opposite side of the magazine you can open to articles less political and more trendy. You can find a spread about different fashion trends that features the most stylish ways to survive the winter’s bitter cold. Also, check out the interview with Beanie Sigel and the skateboarding timeline.

No matter who opens the magazine you will find something that will be interesting. With the eclectic personalities on the staff you will find something different every time.

Don’t like to waste trees?

Then head to the Web site where you can find all of the same articles plus the most recent events.. For more information check it out at twoonefivemag.com

“We’re taking the essence of the place and beaming it world-wide. We hope you’re ready for your close-up,” Bacine said.

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Christina Michaluk

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