Tutors excel and peers benefit from assistance

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March 18, 2004

Meg Clementi

Tutors do more work than one would normally think they do. On Sunday, March 14, seven peer tutors graduated from a peer-tutoring seminar headed by Maritza DeJesus, coordinator of the peer tutoring program.
In a series of three workshops throughout the semester, the group of tutors learned about the difference between the roles of tutors and professors, various learning styles and the ways to approach diverse attitudes towards subject material.
The peer-tutoring seminar is conducted fall and spring semester in order to train qualified persons for the tutoring position. Tutors’ majors range from biology, math and education but may help in a subject that they are not majoring in.
Tutors are able to understand and connect with students’ lives because they maintain the same course load of work, activities and responsibilities. Tutors know that it can be hard struggling with certain material and encourage students to come and make use of the money they are paying to attend school.
“I volunteered to be a tutor because it’s nice to know that you’re needed,” said sophomore, math major Kristen Boone. “The seminar was definitely helpful because every tutor has room for improvement,” Boone said.

If you would like more information about the peer tutoring program and/ or the availability of tutors, please visit the Academic Assistance website

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