Tutoring center offers peer education for students

By Kelly Finlan
October 3, 2002

Tiffany Platt

In the hurried rush to finish mounting homework, understanding pivotal information often gets pushed aside, and by test time, students are frustrated and confused. There is hope. The tutoring center is a shining light at the end of the academic tunnel. Cabrini students specially trained in the fine art of tutoring, time management and the subject of choice, are at the disposal of those seeking assistance, reinforcement, or guidance. The cost: nothing.

Peer tutors are certified after taking EDU 190, a three-session peer-tutoring seminar worth one credit, which examines the delicate aspects of adult learning in such a setting. They are teacher recommended and skilled in their particular subject matter.

Peer tutors act in a variety of roles. Group sessions for selected classes are held periodically, especially in the days prior to testing. Students are encouraged to attend these “pre-test study groups” to review or to reinforce, said Maritza DeJesus, director of the tutoring center. Peer tutors act as facilitators, acting in conjunction with professors to ensure students’ preparation. Group sessions are usually announced or posted in class, and they meet at various places and times. Tutors also act as “study buddies,” working one on one with students to clarify or support. They can offer time management suggestions and study techniques that point students in the right direction.

The Education Resource Information Center reports that peer tutoring in beneficial to the academic and social development of both tutor and tutee. Communicating in common terms and reasoning reinforces the tutor’s understanding while he or she establishes an understanding for the tutee.

There are 12 tutors this semester, but, “the tutoring center can always use more tutors” DeJesus said. She is currently looking for peer tutors to cover psychology, algebra and trigonometry, chemistry, Italian 102, and education 171 and 172. To qualify, tutors must have taken the class (For example, IST 125, MAT 110, 111, 113, 114, etc.) at Cabrini College, and have received a B or better as their final grade.For more information:

Contact Maritza DeJesus at x8567.

Kelly Finlan

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