Turn up: Why turning 21 is a milestone

By Leonard Brock
November 19, 2014

(Creative Commons)
(Creative Commons)

It is getting closer to my birthday, when I turn twenty-one.

It is known that most college students drink before they are twenty-one.

(Creative Commons)
(Creative Commons)

Some people anticipate being twenty-one. It is the time of celebration for people this age  because it matches up with them becoming an adult. Some parents even take their children who are becoming adults out. Many of my college friends are either a junior like myself or a senior.

There have been times I have been disappointed that I could not party with them because of the places they were going to and not being twenty-one.

They were willing to change plans for me. We just chilled out in my room and had a good time.

Despite the fact they did that, I felt bad being younger, and causing the shift of plans.

There have also been many times I have not cared at all about not being twenty-one. Going to the bar has never been something I have been hype about anyway.

I think women are more hype about the whole thing of being twenty-one more than we are as men.

Men probably more likely think of things to do on the day of turning twenty-one in comparison to women. Women most likely plan ahead of time. They wear crowns, dresses and sashes for the ocassion.

We don’t really care about the dress attire. If we do, it probably would be a shirt that says something crazy from Spencer’s.

I have thoughts about wearing a shirt I brought from there that I have not worn yet.

To be honest, I am stuck between wearing something casual or classier clothing. Or I can get clever with it and put the shirt under whatever dress shirt or sweater I wear. Then, when I officially turn twenty-one after the countdown, take my dress shirt off in superman style. It all determines on where I go.

That is if I go somewhere.

I might just buy some bottles from Wine  and Spirits and go to the hookah bar.

One of my cousins is talking about taking me to the strip club. Going to one of my favorite EDM DJ’s shows would be good too. So I don’t know what I am doing exactly for my birthday.

Maybe I can do some of these things before we go home for break and some during the winter break. Having choices opened up is nice at this age. You can have fun and get into more places.

Turning 21 can be overrated if you do not do anything but go out and drink already or drink too much all the time.

It can also be overrated for someone who goes with a fake ID or gets in with security just glancing at their ID.

This is because they have probably already experienced going to a bar or a strip club.

Make it memorable.

I don’t want to drink too much as many people do on their birthday.

I am definitely not taking twenty-one shots. My friends are talking about they are going to do to make me “turnt.”

I will determine what I drink and how much I drink. Some advice to those who are going out  and letting their friends decide:

Make sure you have true friends that will think about your safety as much as they care about you having a great time.

The best thing about me being twenty-one is I can sit with my grandpa, uncles and friends and drink a cold alcohol beverage while watching sports games.


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