Trouble in Paradise on Temptation Island

By Paul Williams
November 29, 2001

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As the television network Fox has grown, it has been known for having long- running television series and controversial series. The “X-files” and “Temptation Island 2” certainly fit into these categories.

Shakeups On New “X-files” Season

One of the longest-running television shows, non- animated, has returned for its ninth season. “The X-files” have returned this year with new episodes and new characters.

The tandem of Dana Scully played by Gillian Anderson and Fox Mulder played by David Duchovany was something that “X-files” fans had become accustomed to. Now it has almost completely faded away. Duchovany, after just acting part-time in last year’s show, left the show to pursue a movie career. Meanwhile, Anderson’s role has become lessened due to her character having a baby. Even though these characters have become a limited amount of the show’s plot, now they open the room for some new faces.

Fans of the “X-files” will be happy to know that Mitch Pileggi, better known to fans as the assistant director of the F.B.I., Walter Skinner, is returning and in a full-time role. Returning this year from his strong performances in last year’s episodes is the character of John Doggett played by Robert Patrick. He became Scully’s partner in the last season when Mulder was missing. Also introduced in last year’s season was Annabeth Gish who played a former partner of John Doggett’s, Monica Reyes. The final member of the cast is Cary Elwes, who plays Assistant Director Brad Follmer.

The season premiere of “The X-files” debuted on Nov.11. The show features another character, Shannon McMahon, played by Lucy Lawless. The show explains Mulder’s disappearance, ties in the conspiracy from last year’s season that aliens are working in the F.B I. And on Nov.18 it will continue with more explanations, including an explanation about Scully’s baby. Although the premiere left questions about the previous season, fans of the “X-files” have come to expect this and will probably have to wait for a movie after this ninth season to fully explain everything. A bit of good news for the fans is that Duchovany and Anderson have already agreed to come back and make a film.

Temptation Island 2: Lock The Kids Away

The last “Temptation Island” proved that sex draws good ratings. Once again, on the new season of “Temptation Island,” four couples travel to an island off the coast of Belize. While they are at the island 26 single men and women will tempt them to break their commitments with their significant other.

The premiere of the show introduced the couples. Thomas and Nikkole are from Chicago and they have been together for three and a half years. Nikkole wants to marry and Tom does not. Also coming from Chicago are Catherine and Edmundo. They spend a lot of time apart due to Catherine having to travel all of the time with her musical theater group. Genevieve and Tony have been seeing each other for the last four and a half years. Apparently, Tony is too conservative, according to Genevieve. She is looking for more passion in a relationship with a man. The final couple has only been together for 10 months. Shannon is looking for a guy more financially stable than her boyfriend, John. John is a bartender, who thinks that Shannon is crazy for thinking that love is about how much money a guy gives her.

The second episode of “Temptation Island 2” sees the people from couples get matched up with some of the single people. The first two single people voted off the island were John’s date, Anna Maria, and Catherine’s date, Oscar. After their dates, all of the guys and girls went to a swimming hole, where chicken fights ensued. There seemed to be a lot of bonds forming between some of the people who are couples and some of the single people. As this series continues, it promises to have a lot of surprises left in store for the audience.

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Paul Williams

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