Troubled economy stirs necessity for bargain shopping

By Samantha Bokoski
December 4, 2008

It is that time of year again, with never ending wish lists, coupons overflowing the mailbox and credit card bills soaring through the roof.

From wanting that name- brand electronic or most fashionable clothing line, it all adds up and for many turns into the most stressful time of year, the holiday season.

There are ways to relieve some of this tension during the holiday season with bargain shopping. Bargain shopping has gradually taken a back seat to the obnoxiously expensive era.

Many shop at the following stores during the holiday season: Waterloo Gardens, Macy’s and Apple. Macy’s, many think is a department store which would mean it would be less expensive?

However, a simple plain-woven hat costs at least $38, a decorative tree skirt costs $49 and a beautiful 48” wreath costs $86.

If one can manage to stoop down to bargain shopping, a great place is Wal-Mart.

It is known for having great prices for every item. A detailed 52” sequenced tree skirt costs a mere $32.87 and a pre-decorated 36” wreath would only costs $28. The difference is significant and can save people a lot of money in the end.

For the more adult crowd, Waterloo Gardens has items needed to make a household picture perfect.

However, if shoppers need that special wrapping paper to make a gift extra special, do not look to Waterloo Gardens to provide you with a good deal. You will pay $9 per roll.

Apple, is home to some of the sleekest and most up-to-date electronics today. A hot item on the list to iPod consumers is the iHome. It is the speakers for your iPod. Apple knows their brand is well recognized, which leads to their price of $100. It may not seem like too much but compared to Five Below, a great bargain store, charging only $5.

Might not give off the same quality but gets the job done. Five Below definitely is very overwhelming from barrels and buckets of deals throughout the store.

Looking for some stocking stuffers this season? This is the mother load.

You can purchase popular DVDs for $5, wrapping paper for $1, Wii accessories for $5 and little sweets 10 for $1.

This holiday season saves some stress and money, and shop bargains.

Nobody will ever know the difference between a product bought at a discount store and an expensive one.

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Samantha Bokoski

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