Trip to NBA-Jam is cancelled

By Karen Schweiser
February 7, 2002

Justine Difilippo

The NBA All-Star game comes to the First Union Center Sunday Feb. 10, bringing with it some of the biggest names in basketball history. But while many students say that they are looking forward to the event, Resident Life’s school NBA All-Star Jam trip has flopped.

“The Jam session was a trip activity where students could participate in running games and could compete against each other,” said Nicole Faison, the sponsoring R.A. The program was meant to be fun. But in all, only a total of five students signed up. Thereby causing the program to close.

Although the Jam Session had been first advertised in the beginning of the spring semester and had been flashing on the Widner Foodcourt’s television information screen since then. There was still a lack of knowledge and or interest in the student body.

This continues a trend of what Faison called ” low counts for residence life programs” and also poor campus awareness.”No one reads the flyers,” she continued.

When sophomore Monica Green was asked if she had planned on going to the All-Star Jam Session she said with a tentative “maybe.” “I have only seen one flyer for it,” she said. “Usually I’ll see a flyer for something, and it will say the activity is tomorrow.”

Green continued to say that she might go with her family to the affair but she wasn’t sure.

The NBA All-Star Jam has planned appearances by musical favorites such as Lil’ Bow Wow, Warren G, Naughty by Nature, Lil J and Corey. The Jam is also planning to feature Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Jamie Foxx and Nick Carter.

The All-Star game is intended for all basketball fans but attracts a larger audience. Many musical acts and parties are scheduled around Philly due to this event, it is sure to be a diverse crowd. Although the schools trip was canceled, the NBA Jam will go on as scheduled and is open to anyone who is interested and can get tickets.

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Karen Schweiser

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