Trash in kitchens is nothing but a waste

By Catharine Hernson
September 12, 2002

The houses are in a shambles. This time it is not due to drunken fools throwing their bodies through walls.

Housekeeping is now in charge of taking out the resident’s, of any given house, personal trash. In order to do this students have to take their room trash to the kitchen of the house that they live in. Let’s think about this for a second. A kitchen is the place where people supposedly prepare food, and we are supposed to put our trash there.

So it may not seem like a big deal, my parents have a trash can in the kitchen of our house. But that is a trash can for what goes on in the kitchen for a home of four people. This is the personal refuse of every resident of a house of at least 22 people or if you live in House 2 nearly 70 people. That is a lot of trash- In a kitchen, nonetheless.

By the time a student is 20 years old and living on campus for two or three years, they should know the deal about taking out their own trash. Or, maybe they could put a couple of big trash cans outside the house if there is a problem having dumpsters for every house. But inside, in the kitchen is no place to have a trash drop-off.

The kitchens are not that big to begin with, and with a couple of extra trash cans hanging out it makes moving around while cooking or doing dishes very difficult. Not to mention, the smell of trash has always made food more appetizing to me.

Trash is strewn about the kitchens as it overflows the provided trash cans. Housekeeping supposedly comes to empty the trash cans three times a day. I’m not really sure where this idea makes sense as most of the residents are in class during the day. When I take my trash out of my room it is normally after the cleaning crew is gone for the day, or on the weekends when I tend to have more trash because I have more time to clean for myself.

When it was decided that students could not be held responsible for getting their own trash out of the house, someone should have come up with a better place to put it. There is no need for waste to be in the kitchens. It is just not sanitary.

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Catharine Hernson

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