Track team still running

By Nicole Osuch
February 1, 2007

This season, the men and women’s track and field team has tirelessly hit the track running to meet and surpass their goals. Coach Tom O’Hora and Coach James Williams are passionate about their team and seeing their athletes grow on the track but off the track.

“Our goal has been and still is to win the National Championship. Cabrini’s track team is one of the youngest teams in the nation and one of the favorites in the Eastern College Athletic Conference,” Williams said.

The athlete’s individual goal first and foremost is to qualify and go to Nationals and then to make All-American.

Both O’Hora and Williams have wanted to see more athletes get a taste of championships because they believe that the athletes will want to be even better athletes after getting the opportunity to compete on a larger scale. It has been a goal for the track team to participate in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. This year for the first time, the coaches are proud to say that the team will be making a presence at the PAC.

“The most difficult part about the program in the past has been that we have athletes that don’t qualify for anything and now they can have the opportunity to compete at the PAC,” Williams said. “We have quality people now on the team but we don’t have quantity to do well. In order to do really well in a meet like that you need to have depth.”

Despite the fact that the season is under way the coaches want to emphasize that it is not too late to come out and participate.

“We are not concerned about experience because we are willing to work with you,” O’Hora said. “If you look at the people that come through this program you will see that if they can do what we do here that they are going to be successful in life. The athletes know how to set goals and beat them. They know success. We want to make people not only better athletes but better people.”

In the past three years, Cabrini has had 19 qualifiers for the National Championship. Out of the 19 qualifiers, four have made All-American and one made National Champion. So far into this season, the team has one athlete going to Nationals and Williams is confidant that the team can have four more.

With high goals set, one better expect that these two coaches are on the same page and have a plan in action. O’Hora’s philosophy is that you have to run against D-I teams to get better. “My mentality is that you have to get mentally strong and physically strong in order to survive out there. It will make or break an athlete competing against tough teams,” Williams said.

Currently, every athlete on the team is practicing the max they are permitted to according to the NCAA, which is 20 hours per week.

“It’s a part time job. There is not room for much else,” Williams said.

Spoken like a true coach, O’Hora added, “What else would you want to do with your time anyways?”

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Nicole Osuch

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