Towel theft on the rise at Dixon Center

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November 13, 2003

Cecelia Francisco

Theft. It happens frequently in the Dixon Center. Since the beginning of the school year, there has been an alarming increase in the disappearance of borrowed towels from the Dixon Center.

Because so many had disappeared in the past, there use to be a $1 deposit for borrowing a towel. How effective was this $1 deposit? It’s hard to say. Most staff agreed that the level of disappearance with and without the deposit varied little.

Some staff members were even unaware of it.

“I didn’t know there was a $1 deposit. There’s a lot of towel theft though,” sophomore exercise science major Jen Skursky said. Skursy is one of the front desk staff at the Dixon Center, said.

Students have free access to the facilities at the Dixon Center, but there are also outside users who pay a fee to attend. All gym-goers are allowed to ask for a towel to use after swimming or exercising. But who is to blame?

“I think it’s mostly just everyone, they just throw it in with their stuff and forget to return it as they leave.” Skursky said.

There are plans to implement a different form of access to the towels that will take place probably at the beginning of next semester.

“They tend to disappear at random,” Kate Corcoran, The Dixon Center’s facility manager, said. “We plan to change how people access the towels in the near future.”

Corcoran refrained from sharing any of the ideas that are being looked into, citing that she’d rather not give out an idea that later would be shelved. She assures however that there will most likely be a new system for towel borrowing by the time students return from Christmas break in 2004.

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