Top 5 Web sites

By Brittany Lavin
March 13, 2008

As a junior in college it’s easy to believe that I spend most of my time on the computer using the internet. Sometimes it’s for work but most of the time it’s for play. These are some of the sites I go on when I’m bored or just flat out procrastinating: Ever seen a movie and wish you could change the ending? Or want your two favorite soap opera characters to get together? This site allows you to read and write stories about your favorite movie, TV show, book etc. Not all the stories are first class but there are some great ones and I love being able to be a part of my favorite shows and movies after they end. I go to this site to check my horoscope. It offers a variety of options from daily to yearly “predictions” in life, love and everything in between. Want to see what’s in the stars for you? Check it out! If you’re a TV junkie like me then you have a lot of shows to keep up with. Most of the time I like to kick back and let the plot surprise me but there are times when I NEED to know what will happen. This is a great site that has spoilers for a ton of current TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Lost. I go to the Internet Movie Database so I can be up-to-date on what movies are coming out. It also has biographies for almost every actor, director and writer I can think of as well as pictures and quotes. This site is a great source of help to me when I’m doing my homework because they have a page for almost any subject! It’s updated frequently and users are able to add information to it.

Brittany Lavin

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