Top jobs await students

By Diana Ashjian
March 17, 2005

Between 60 and 75 potential employers will be looking to recruit students on Tuesday, March 22, from noon until 3 p.m., in the Dixon Center.

The Intercollegiate Career Fair is an event open only to students of Cabrini College, Eastern University, Immaculata University, Neumann College, and Rosemont College. Undergraduate students of these five schools will be brought together and given the chance to leave their lasting impressions on companies that are looking for possible interns and full-time employees with the right stuff.

Both Nancy Hutchinson, director of co-op and career services and Jeanine Piccini, assistant director of the co-op education and career services agree that the career fair offers students of all majors the opportunity to find potential employment.

It is reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education that “start-up” adults just out of college are hugely unprepared for the nine-to-five grind once keg parties and soccer games come to an end. According to some students, problems adjusting to the “real world” aren’t exclusive to skills instilled or uninstalled, for that matter, by a college or university. Sometimes it’s finding a job alone that remains the biggest nuisance for some, and that’s precisely where the career fair fits in.

Kristen Reichenbach and Geoffrey Klock, both senior biology majors, aren’t fazed about being unprepared academically or otherwise. “My only concerns are that I’ll have problems finding a job without experience and that I won’t remember the basics I’ve been cramming in over the last four years,” Reichenbach said. With companies like Onlab Assignment and Eximias Pharmaceutical Corporation in attendance, Reichenbach and Klock will only have to remember to dress professionally and bring plenty of resumes.

Aside from the stereotypical, underdeveloped work ethic that plagues soon-to-be-graduating students, however, lies some promising hearsay that should have printers pumping resumes in less time than it takes to push a tassel from the right side of a graduation cap to the left.

“The economy is picking up and the job market is seeing a lot of hiring,” said Hutchinson.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, colleges and universities are helping the job market improve with more emphasis on cutting-edge technology and skill requirements. The publication states “The newly created jobs include 20,000 in professional, scientific, and technical services; 18,000 in education and health services; and another 21,000 for K-12 teachers.”

Both Hutchinson and Piccini agree again that students who attend the career fair will be placing themselves at a high advantage.

“Students can gain a lot of mileage essentially just by showing up, but it would be even more beneficial to do the research on which companies will be there, what they’re looking for and to be prepared to market yourself to those of your choice,” Hutchinson said.

Erin Nagle, a human resources specialist for Independence National Historical Park, is looking forward to meeting students interested in intern opportunities that could lead to all types of careers.

“Currently, open positions include law enforcement, but we’re always looking for volunteers who will be open to networking with archaeologists, historians and the national government,” Nagle said.

So, through networking that could start by grabbing a business card or simply just assessing how graduating seniors come dressed a student as low on the totem pole as a freshman could gain invaluable knowledge of the reality that looms just around the corner.

For all those students who don’t want to miss a free ride on the perfect vehicle to their ideal destination of the future, their opportunity will be beeping inside the Dixon Center.

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Diana Ashjian

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