Too soon, too boring

By Shane Evans
March 9, 2006

To many college students, spring break is a time for fun and relaxation. It is a time to go home to hang out with the family, and most importantly to see friends, but not for Cabrini College students.

Our week off is strategically placed from Feb. 24 to March 6. A glorious time when not one other college or university has off. In other words, we are all coming home to spend a nice week with our parents.

I don’t know about all of you readers, particularly students out there, but that doesn’t exactly make me look forward to coming home for a week.

In my personal situation, I came home to a house with no one in it. The sister, Dayna, is in New York being a smarty-pants at NYU. The mom, Stephanie, is in southern New Jersey spending quality time with her boyfriend.

That leaves me all alone in my house, not to mention my town. Now this is obviously just in my case, but everyone can relate with the friend portion.

If it weren’t for my two close friends who go to Cabrini, which I’m lucky to have, and my two friends who commute to community college, I’d be 100 percent alone.

That would of course call for drastic measures.

Now, I asked around a little bit to see if there really was a reason that we are taking our spring break in what is still obviously winter. It even snowed while writing this little ditty. No one I talked to really had an answer as to why our break is so early. Just Cabrini being Cabrini, I guess.

With the break nearing it’s conclusion, I can’t exactly say the time I spent at home was well spent. I did about five loads of laundry, played about 30 hours of Playstation and did plenty of sleeping.

Obviously, my time that week was relaxing and more or less, stress free, but when I am set free to leave the campus for a week, I want to be able to spend that quality time with the people I love and care about who I haven’t seen since Christmas time.

Two of my closest friends go to school three hours away, which is a tad far to drive in the middle of the week when they have classes the next day. Oh, and they have off the week after we do.

I’m not asking for much here. But it is quite obvious by now what I’m after. Just push the break back a week or two so I’m not condemned to a week alone full of incessant moaning and excessive video game playing.

Friends are great and the time spent with them is quite valuable, especially now that they are all dispersed across the area at school. Unfortunately for us Cavaliers, this break may seem like a waste because we weren’t able to spend it with those we care about.

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Shane Evans

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