Tobacco should butt out of campuses

By Kiara Corbin
November 5, 2009

Shannon Keough

Students are smoking and chewing tobacco all over the world. I personally think it’s outrageous, especially chewing tobacco. Snuff is another form of tobacco; it is finely ground tobacco that when in dry form, is sniffed up the nose.

Chewing tobacco is use of smokeless tobacco which causes cancer in humans.
The association between smokeless tobacco use and cancer is strongest for cancers of the oral cavity.

Oral cancer has been shown to occur several times more frequently among snuff dippers than among non-tobacco users.

Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer and death overall, the question is, why is it still legal? People believe these drugs are not as dangerous as those so called real drugs.

Bullshit, you develop all types of problems such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, coronary artery disease; and the list goes on.

Tobacco is highly addictive. It is considered mood and behavior altering. Tobacco is believed to have an addictive potential comparable to alcohol, cocaine, and morphine. Why would you want to use a drug that is comparable to cocaine?

People know the facts and still take part in this disfigurement of their bodies. I think the problems should begin to stop on campuses first. We as a youth should stop it because it would be easier for our generation to bring this problem to an end.

If no one buys the product the tobacco industry will slowly decrease.

We are keeping this tobacco industry afloat; the population of smokers is amongst the age groups of 18-25 are in the greatest percentile.

I feel that the use of tobacco needs to be closely looked upon to become illegal. The number of death caused by this product is way too high. I know money is the main component in the tobacco industry but, in that case, you should have kept some of the real drugs legal.

I feel that something needs to be done to stop the addiction to cigarettes and all other types of tobacco.

We all know that smoking causes lung cancer but there are those of us who do not have a care in the world about it saying it’s their way of releasing stress and whatever other excuse they have, but the minute disaster strikes, it’s lets sue the manufacturer for producing a disease and selling it legally to the people.

If you feel strongly about the use of tobacco you won’t wait for something bad to happen to you in order to quit smoking.

Kiara Corbin

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